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Motorhome Aires/Parking

There are over 350,000 Motorhomes in the UK, throughout Europe there is a network of overnight parking and waste disposal points known as “Aires” but the UK as yet to tap into this revenue stream. By providing overnight parking local businesses can benefit from year round tourism. Recent surveys show when staying owners spend £47 […]


Mental Health Services

I would like to be part of a Mental Health hub that is particular to the needs and concerns of this unique area of Mablethorpe. I am working with Communities Lead Roxanne Warrick to make this happen. We need this low level service as a drop on for support and sign posting and follow up […]

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Investment for 365 days of the year

I think tourism needs to be the icing on the cake, not the mainstay of the local economy. I would look to invest in attracting manufacturing and office/service based industries to the area. This will require investment in roads, business premises and a good team to promote the area and ‘sell it’ to the wider […]

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Beach development

More facilities along the wonderful east coast beaches. Sports facilities like sand yachting and volleyball. With showers, sunbeds etc like beaches abroad especially if people holiday in this country more due to Covid changes. Link this with better coastal transport.

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Tidy & transport

Get the roads up to scratch especially Roman Bank, tidy the places up then introduce a decent park & ride system that spans from Skegness to Mablethorpe and possibly links to Grimsby & Cleethorpes or reopen the train line in Sutton-on-sea, Mablethorpe & Alford

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tour coaches

How about tour coaches such as Shearings to pick up in Sutton on sea as well as Skegness.Any bigger suitable bins for the beaches – wheelie bins if needed. Replace those yellow ones not fit for purpose and more dog bins. New signage re litter, the areas where dogs can and cannot go and make […]

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The town is in desperate need of a good clean up, and a good freshen up, to make it more appealing and less tired looking, definitely some more activities for families, a dentist would be a big plus, as with everyone else some form of banking apart from the post office. And last but by […]

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The town needs better fitness facilities that include swimming pool with classes for elderly and disabled Aqua exercise. We also need better health facilities with more community responders and access to dentist within mablethorpe instead of travelling to other towns The roads with seasonal parking restrictions also need updating with surface repairs and road markings […]


Think BIG

Develop attractions around Mablethorpe which would make us a destination rather than just somewhere seasonal. New development plans, For example build a indoor snow slope centre, build a indoor market for local business to promote the local economy. McDonald, kfc, the options are endless


coastal tram service

A tram service between Louth Mablethorpe Chapel St Leonards Ingoldmells through to Skegness after experiancing the Nottingham set up recently it would bring people into the town from further along the coast



Introduce a railway to connect Mablethorpe. This would enable local residents, bring in tourists and help reduce emissions from other transport


Coastal sculpture trail

To replace the remaining badly constructed bathing beauties art installations with durable interactive sculptural pieces along the promenade as part of a coastal collaboration to connect with the existing pieces at Huttoft and Chapel St leonards with the ambition of a sculpture trail along the length of the Lincolnshire coast. This would be an all […]

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Beach boardwalks

Wooden board walk/beach sand paths that can be easily laid/removed/extended so as to allow access for wheel chairs/push chairs/ease of access for all those who would like to access the beach area but unable to walk or travel over the sand easily. The promenade is excellent but access onto the sand and down to the […]


Bigger brands

I suggest that Mablethorpe is in definite need of some big brand shops to make it a popular destination for all of the year. Shops such as Primark and Peacocks should be put here, and food places like McDonalds, Subway etc. should be included in order to make the town a nice place to be […]

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Swimming for all

I would like to suggest , that a swimming pool to be built, that would serve not only Mablethorpe but all the surrounding areas, there is no public swimming facilities in our area, so what better way to spend the money wisely, on something that all the local people and our guests and visitors can […]


Beach Front Arena

Turn Central Beach into an arena for beach activities as well as safe swimming area whilst drastically improving sea defences at the same time. Section 1: Transform the outfall to include a road running from the Promenade out to sea. The sides of it will consist of steps as per the promenade steps going down […]



Mabo has lost its heart because we don’t educate young people here …that needs to change. Even if it’s linked to other places like Louth Alford or Skegness.


Sea defences

What about making a large pier or groin that could attract visiting pleasure craft or even be a commercial pier for the wind farms to be serviced from. And what about a seawater swimming pool.

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There are so many people who have health problems and need care. What about relocating some training for doctors and nurses and care Workers to live and work locally

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Mablethorpe Performance Arena

A outdoor stage and arena area providing all year round entertainment and a focal point for the town that would draw in visitors from far and wide .Situated next to the existing Dunes Complex indoor theatre this new area would compliment the existing offer for Mablethorpe and create employment ,training and skills for the entire […]


Admiralty Car Park

If extended car provision is provided at Seaview car park then this rundown & rough area could be redevelop to provide a covered dome area to provide a safe & reasonably weather proofed facility which at night could also be architecturally lit. The dome style area which could be used for a number of ideas […]

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Events Management

Independent events do not get off the ground when road closures are required along the high street. In order to support independent events, safety of padestrians & cost effective management, add rise & fall electrically operated stainless steel road bollards installed at main road junctions allowing easy segregation of each section of high street (and […]

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Seaview Car Park Extension

Seaview Car Park currently occupies approx. 1/3 of the raised Sand Dune area for tourism parking. Parking on here still then requires a walk of approx. 1/3 mile to access Mablethorpe Town. So please consider the redesign & development of Seaview area from the existing carpark down to the Skateboard Park, to incorporate: Extended car […]


Business Enterprise Zone

Business Enterprise Zone (redevelopment of Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal Idea 1) The site has a superb business office, road network, drainage, a range of buildings, street lighting, electrical distribution network in place and much more. This site would be ideal for compulsory purchase of land from National Grid & then form an agreement with the sites […]

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Main Transport Hub + Park & Ride

There are number of potential reuses of the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal Brownfield site facility that should be evaluated. The site is currently undergoing demolition and no doubt the site tenants have mature plans in place. So, any change or opportunity needs to be discussed and seized upon early this year to prevent the need to […]

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Further Education Opportunities

Further education (college & university) is accessed by daily long-distance bus or car journeys. This adds additional pressure, expense, distraction & detachment from the town in which the young people live. This disruption increases the likelihood of those young people then leaving the area with those skills to the detriment of the area. Reuse the […]

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A bus that runs along the coast and connect villages what are not just on the way to Louth to Mablethorpe but the ones on the way to Cleethorpes and Grimsby, these include marshchapel north Somercotes and saltfleet and let me get to work for nine in the morning by bus to Grimsby

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Upgrade of Industrial Estate

Upgrade the Industrial Estate to a Business Park with buildings designed for office working like call centres and telemarketing. IT Orientated Businesses. There is a lot of land there that could be developed and have proper offices built. The office could have the new Gigabit networks that are coming to Mablethorpe included to help increase […]

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Seaview Car Park to Quebec Road Car Park

This area is ripe for re-development. The current link path between Seaview Car Park and the grassed area with the skateboard ramps offers little to inspire the visitor. With imaginative re-modelling this area could provide: – Bandstand/small performance stage – Public gardens with year-round interest and sheltered sun traps – Mature dunes retained with viewing […]


Recycling facilities

I’m reading an article about ‘recycling’ in the Ivory Coast I thought why not here : Green economy Environmental friendly Employment Recycling Factory that is recycling plastics to make bricks to build classrooms. In its first year 30 people are employed and the expectation is this will increase to 300 people in 3 years. The […]



Do you think Mablethorpe should build a harbour / marina. That way holiday makers can enjoy it eating their fish and chips etc. It could bring in monies from the boat mooring, stalls etc that could be rented out along it, local boat trips and water sports, local fishing club, a few commercial boats landing […]


A valuable asset

A swimming pool with fun facilities eg wave machine, slide etc….would be of great benefit….. 1..all year employment for a number of people. 2… education…about the marine environment and its future….learning to swim ….safety for all 3….availability to local people avoiding the issue of travel ….(carbon emissions) 4….health improvements …classes recommended by local medical care […]


Coastal Railway

A coastal railway running from Gromsby to Skegness with plenty of stops at villages and towns along the coast. Could also link to East Midlands airport.


A small harbor

A small harbor would bring in tourist as well as been in the keeping of a traditional seaside town. Mablethorpe is geared up for watersports with our local rnli, coastguards seaview ect but nowhere boats can access the water here. Over the years it would also bring in money from boat mooring fees, small stall […]


Mablethorpe Museum & Art Centre

Instead of filling empty retail and other town centre premises with more charity & coffee shops, establish a museum & art centre. There’s a massive amount of local knowledge, photos and memorabilia to get one off the ground. The ‘traditional seaside’ through the ages. Staffed by volunteers (plenty of retirees looking for adventure) and an […]

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Education centre of excellence

Idea 1. Make Mablethorpe an educational centre of excellence. Anybody who knows anything about community development and economic regeneration knows not having secondary or further/higher education is a major drawback to growth. Can politicians/ officers acknowledge their were wrong – resurrect the building schools for a better future – all through school and reverse the […]

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Gigabit Broadband

Priority for provision of Gigabit broadband, including the 5G network. Promote the town as the upcoming place to re-locate for tech startup businesses. There are a number of suitable sites where these can be located to cater for SME companies with a tech focus. This would link with developing education provision (mentioned in another comment) […]

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Improved transport links (buses)

‘Express’ bus routes from major towns & cities such as Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicester, Doncaster, Sheffield, at least during the summer, to get visitors to the town as fast as possible along the woefully inadequate road network. These have operated in the past to Skegness and can work for Mablethorpe. Full 7 day a week services […]


Pedestrianisation Scheme

Find ways to improve the High Street ‘experience’, e.g. Pedestrianised areas between Waterloo Rd / George St & George St/Victoria Road. George St linked to Wellington Road with a pedestrian crossing to cross between the 2 areas. Very like in Lincoln to cross the High St between House of Fraser & Nat West bank (Mint […]


Performing Arts & Culture

We need more than just a cinema and entertainment for holiday makers. Opportunities for experiencing performing arts through live theatre and varied musical genres are extremely sparse without travelling. Repurposing part of the disused Tennyson School would provide appropriate facilities, alongside a ‘learning hub’ as I have outlined in a separate comment.


Infrastructure and High Street names!

It’s simple, invest in infrastructure. This should include new buildings, business, roads, transport links into and for the town. Investment in schools and business is much needed, not only in Mablethorpe but the wider area. Close liaison with “High Street” companies and businesses is needed by local MP’s and business champions to bring these “well […]


Investment needed.

Mablethorpe needs more jobs especially during the winter months not sure what you can attract or what’s empty around enterprise park. There was also a large framing company behind station road that folded. As for infrastructure if it’s big big money I would open a coastal railway line between Grimsby and Skegness with a lot […]


Street lights

Use our money to extend the time our street lights are on. Lots of people work all hours of the day and night and with the increasing crime rates and lack of police to patrol we need o feel safe on our streets. We pay more and more council tax each year and get more […]

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Improve local Bus service

Improve the current bus services, Mablethorpe should have a easy, accessible public bus service connecting to the surrounding villages on the coast such as Marshchapel, North Somercotes, Saltfleet, etc, allowing the residents of both Mablethorpe and these villages to visit each other and make contact and a better bus connection to Grimsby, the first bus […]