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City Museum

MK Museum working with communities across Milton Keynes to co-create a major new gallery on the history of the new town and the heritage identity and culture created over its past 50 years and a community focus for future growth.

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Insulation Survey of all pre Development Corporation Housing

Survey all old housing stock for its energy efficiency. Survey would cover Loft Insulation, Wall Insulation, Window & Door Insulation, Efficiency of heating System. If we are serious about meeting Milton Keynes Council’s Sustainability Strategy 2019 – 2050 then older housing will need to be upgraded. This project run by a non-profit organization would gives […]

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Skateboarding Culture Pt. 2

Multi-use spaces such as squares and plaza’s that are skateboard friendly. Many towns/cities (Hull, Nottingham, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Bristol and Berlin to name a few) are benefiting from considering skateboarding when designing public spaces. There’s some books on this topic that are a great read, Iain Borden’s ‘Skateboarding & The City’ and ‘Skateboarding, Space and the […]

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Milton keynes has a renown skateboard scene with the buszy being an iconic park known by skaters all across the world, with skateboarding becoming a olypic sport in the 2020 olypics i think that it is about time our gov invested in some adequate facilities to better train more athletes in this area. we are […]

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Disc golf course

A disc golf course in Milton Keynes with disabled access allowing free exercise to all . The funding along side Milton Keynes being named European city of sport can help improve local people’s lives. Disc golf helps improve confidence and gives people a break from daily routine. It also builds an appreciation of nature. Disc […]

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Skateboarding Culture

I am suggesting that money should be invested into… Affordable/cheap Property for new/small businesses. Skateboarding culture – Milton Keynes has played a fundamental role in UK skate culture because of its uniquely designed architecture. Not only is MK internationally known for skateboarding, but has attracted many from all over the globe for decades including world […]

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Skatepark / skate ramps

I would really love a few more well thought out skate parks, ideally with ramps. There are very few around that are not in any condition to skate and I’m not prepared to take my son to many of them. The closest decent/safe one is Hemel Hempstead.

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MK Indoor skatepark

An indoor skatepark. Skateboarding is on the rise and with an Olympic place next year it will rise further. It is a great diverse sport for all ages. Parents & children can take part together. It encourages great camaraderie amongst fellow skaters. It is however an activity that requires good facilities particularly in autumn & […]

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Skateboarding facilities!

The Mk Skate Scene recently ran a history of MK skating event in the city centre which documented Milton Keynes’ role in the history of skateboarding, how it has become a mecca for it and fostered professionals such as Alex Decunha. It was recently on the news for it! Ahead of skateboardings debut at the […]

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