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affordable and accessible

pleased to see cycle routes through town have already been suggested, together with bypass, public transport; so I’d just like to add to the idea for better use of town centre/public space: make the venues affordable or those who currently do not have access to them – young people, unemployed and elderly = not more […]

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Redevelop the Market Place

Do away with the existing market, the uneven paving stones and the cobbles. Repave the whole area; plant trees; install seating and a water feature. Encourage the restaurants and cafes to have outdoor seating and use the space created for cultural activities eg historical re-enactments, music, performances, the annual morris dancing festival etc. Re-purpose the […]

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Funding towards empty shops

One of the biggest expense to new businesses is the initial outlay of fitting shops out. If you where able to hand out Grant’s to micro businesses allowing them to trade in the town centre. It would help if parking was free aswell but you know 🙄

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Before it’s too late!

We have a great town that’s being ruined by greed, Lower the shop rents and encourage new business opportunities. No more charity shops or coffee houses, the market is a must! maybe free to stall holders? We are a “market town”. With more local events in the town centre we must advertise, so much goes […]

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More men’s shops for 16-30 yay olds Like Hollister, primark etc

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Subsidise patking

We rush in and out of Newark as parking so expensive. Use the money to fund free parking to encourage people to linger and spend in shops, cafes, cinemas and pubs.

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Potholes needs to be fixed especially between sports direct all the way to the range traffic lights.

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Signature artwork

Create a standout piece of artwork, visible from the A1, to mark the transition from the north to the south of England. This will raise the profile of Newark as a town and lead to an increase in tourism

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Improvements on the flow of traffic, especially around the times people leave work, as it can takes hours to get home.

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Local Road System

The roads around and within Newark feel the strain when one road becomes closed eg by an accident on the A1 or flooding. These affects are felt to the extreme at rush hour. Examples for improvement: there needs to be better connected roads out of the industrial estate onto the A1, dual carriageway for the […]

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More history

At the moment newark concentrates on a piece of history that spans about 9years ( civil war) Newark as a history that spans nearly 2.6 million years . From one of the best ice age finds in the country sit in Farndon To the history surrounding the Romans /saxons History around World War I and […]

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Riverside promenade

The promenade that starts from the high water lock could be modernized and connected now that the scrap yard has been closed. Lighting would be also necessary along the promenade as this would make the zone more attractive in general..

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Make all parking free. Replace 2 lanes leading to Beast market roundabout from Castle Gate to allow traffic to flow. Make toilets free. Lower rents and rates for shops. Pay for proper policing. Re-instate A&E. Plant thousands of native trees along the Trent. Fund youth services. Support local Scout/guide groups to improve their buildings. Fully […]

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Traffic calming

Traffic calming measures on the Farndon road. Traffic coming off the A46 onto the Farndon road into Newark do not slow down to adhere to the 30mph speed limit making this a dangerous road for local residents. Average speed check cameras along this road would help to calm traffic and reduce incidents from speeding drivers.

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Reinvigorate the town centre

Revive the Butter Market – a beautiful space that is literally in the centre of Newark and is a great opportunity to open new independent shops, bars, restaurants and cafes that will draw people from Newark and surrounding areas and encourage people to spend more time in the town centre. Making this space the centre […]

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re-developmet zoning

Rather than trying to tackle re-development of shopping areas at once, divide into zones. Focusing priority on these from the square outwards, or particular streets. Get these up and running and from lessons learnt, can use in other zones to improve on. Lower rents for shops, or attact certain types of shops so a desitonation, […]


Optimise the market square

We have a large and flexible market square which could host a more diverse range of activities aimed at different groups and encourage footfall, the market itself is lack-lustre and unappealing. More should be done to maximise the Civil War heritage and this could attract families into town who in turn will visit other locations […]