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Sussex Coastal Touring Route

Why not work with other towns to establish a Sussex Coastal Touring Route and make motorhome visitors welcome by providing designated overnight parking for them. Many motorhomers are retired and travel all year, they have the grey pound in their pocket which they can spend in our pubs, restaurants shops and attractions. They need to […]

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Motor home aire

As Newhaven has a port an overnight stopping place for motor homes would be a great benefit. It could have a financial benefit as these people would spend locally.


River Taxi to Lewes

Although the bus service beween Newhaven and Brighton is excellent, there are currently very few buses to Lewes (via the long way) and an unreliable railway service which means that people have to drive to our nearest main town when they could be using public transport. A river Taxi between Newhaven and Lewes would be […]

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UTC Building

This is in an ideal place for a cafe, restaurant, coffee, cocktail bar with outside seating by the river. There could also be a multi screen cinema in the upper floors. Look at the Depot in Lewes or the Sussex Exchange near Battle for business models.

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Congestion in Newhaven

Newhaven is a bottle neck of cars trying to get to places other than Newhaven. A bypass road along the C7 to Peacehaven will massively ease this congestion. After that another bypass road on the C7 to the A26 beddingham road would also help that way if there’s an accident in newhaven people have an […]

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I think you could use the old co op building or any other not used large space to create markets. Every weekend Friday, Saturday and sunday or just Saturday and sunday local or small businesses can set up and sell their products. During the week when the buliding is not used they should hire volunteers […]

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I would like to see some sort of entertainment for people. Like a cinema, bowling, ice rink? Something to keep everyone in Newhaven.

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Rail services

Better rail facilities in Newhaven aswell as longer 6 coach trains as they can get partically busy especially during the summer months. Better infrastructure for trains longer than 8 coaches for football at the amex.

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Some simple changes could be made to ease (not solve) the problem of traffic congestion in and aroud the town centre. 1, Removal of the pedestrian crossing at the end of the swing bridge, along with signposting for pedestrians to show you can walk to the station etc., on the north side of the bridge […]


Market town

Make Newhaven into a market town. Build a building that will give character to the town where the coop was. Glass fronted, High ceilings, historical looking, so it can been seen from the one way system. Market stools with local produce and crafts, retro cafe, restaurants.. this will entice passing traffic into the town. Encourage […]


Extended Harbour walk / cycle way.

Once the marina complex is built the ‘boardwalk’ will extend the majority of the way to the beach. Use this funding to finish the path all the way there. Could be used to encourage wellness and exercise in the town as well. This idea could be merged with others to open the beach / facilities.


Consider sensored street lighting.

Half the street lighting is turned off at night but for early starters it is still pitch black in winter. When you are walking alone it can be quite eerie. Also with the recent bouts of crime in the area I feel that sensored lighting, much like security lighting would deter them as darkness helps […]


Focus on the town centre

Go head with plans for old Co Op or turn it into a mini shopping centre. Provide the facilities that are needed if thousands of new houses are being built The priority needs to be the town centre Encourage smaller businesses to relocate in the town centre


Beach/ promenade

Improve the beach car park and put facilities there (eg toilets) and fund repairs to the steps/ breakwater so that access to the sandy beach can be restored. This would enable newhaven to benefit from a degree of tourism.


The High Street, One way system

Open a small cinema like the Depo in Lewes in the old libertiys building above the library. It could server food and drinks. Knock down the coop building and carpark to build new houses/flats, shops, carpark and a hotel, there were rumours about this but nothing happend. Try to incorage a bakers, green grocers and […]


Town regeneration

Money to be invested in the town. Make parking free to attract visitors add some nice restaurants and decent shops to bring in visitors. It has a lovely community feel to the town it just needs some money invested. It’s very sad and used to be bustling. And the traffic/congestion needs sorting too! Air pollution […]

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Town centre

Redesign the multi storey and improve lighting . Lose the Brick walls on that eyesore. Have a buses only route through the high street with maybe sensor pillars at the top which only let buses and emergency services through (See Oxford). Invite less known well stores to take over the Co Op building . Stores […]


On the Up

Do something with the old Somerfield/coop building definitely, maybe something for kids like a big soft play, as nothing decent like that round here really only the drove tiny one. Do something with the old libertys building too, so much potential going to waste. Make it easier/cheaper for new businesses to come to town centre? […]

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Town Centre

Get the Old CO-OP open again with another supermarket..Aldi or Iceland. Try and stop cars parking and blocking the High Street…there are a few car parks local to the High Street


UTC Building and Town Centre

Newhaven could be the perfect place to stay for anyone travelling across from Dieppe on the ferry if we had the right facilities. The UTC building would make a great shopping centre and/ or hotel. The Town Centre needs as much help as it can get, sort out the old co-op building or actually start […]


Newhaven Beach

The West Beach and Breakwater have been Newhaven’s best community assets for more than 130 years. The French owners have been unwilling to allow access to the facilities for more than ten years. They should be purchased back from the current owner and re-opened to benefit residents and visitors. Four generations of my family have […]



Build a flyover to divert through traffic from the town centre and swing bridge to reduce congestion and bottlenecks of traffic which stretch back for miles on every approach road to the ring road. This would make the town centre safer for cyclists and pedestrians which would also be conducive to the local town plan.