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If we stop we shop!

Overnight parking for motorhomes would bring much needed revenue for local businesses. If there are places close to town where motorhomes can park safely then local restaurant pubs and shops will benefit. If motorhomes are not catered for then the money is spent at a more “forward thinking” destination. Time to grab the “grey pound”?

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Safe overnight stops for Motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]


Make motorhomes welcome

I love Cornwall in general and Penzance in particular. However I don’t visit anymore because you are extremely unwelcoming to motorhomes. We travel all year round and love visiting places out of season, but instead of welcoming motorhome tourists and the money they bring (and yes, they do spend money in local pubs, shops, restaurants […]


Eco Penzance

I would like small social spaces an Aquarium /Table Tenis for young in unused shops. Sola Panels /Paint buildings in Town is looking nice. A bit of land with Trees and seating to meet people. Charge points for cars as more people with be using these. I would also like Businesses in Penzance to have […]

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Empty shops to community spaces

Turn empty shops into community run spaces; there for a local volunteer group to make into what they see fit- youth group, community cafe, library, yoga studio, arts space, cinema etc. or all of the above. Turn this overtly commercial and suffering highsteet into a thriving community space, there for all in the community!

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Community Sharing Scheme

Publication of all proposed schemes received with a voting document for all interested parties to decide where the money can best invested to benefit our town the most ,returned votes placed in order of merit by local council tax payers wishes, and publish the results for all to see.Award contracts fairly to local businesses suitably […]

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Night club

I would Like to suggest a new night club for the new and upper coming generation we are very limted here in Penzance to night life so always send tourist to Truro Or Plymouth for night life

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Penzance is a healthy town in its branches – Causewayhead, Chapel St, Alverton St, Lower Market Jew St, but it is blighted in its centre. Every time there’s been a consultation (I’ve lost count) I’ve asked for pedestrianisation of Market Jew St as the first priority. If it can’t be permanent, do it from 10 […]

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More for kids, families and teens

Play centre, soft play yes, but bowling etc too. More shops in the town (clothes shops etc). Money spent on the prom to draw visitors. Public toilets (that are ok for children too). A permanent market place for people to hire stalls etc, as pop up shops and local markets are very popular. Somewhere for […]

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Market Jew Street

Landlords reduce Rents significantly, lower Business rates, reduce size of large premises and encourage small artisan businesses to the high street alongside the larger traders

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For the youth

Like others have said more ‘indoor’ things for children and teens. It seems to be bad weather for 6 months a year however very little indoor places. We need things like bowling, ice rink, large play zone like the one we use to have in st Ives, more cafes along the prom, fill empty shops […]

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Fitness town

Make Penzance the fitness capital of Britain. Bring back to promenade for families by building a fitness park all along the front. – linking in with the skate park and the pool.

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More places to visit/do

Penzance is lovely but it needs more colour and something to catch people’s attention, There isn’t a lot to do here and can be pretty dull during winter, possibly something indoors? Would also suggest maybe bringing in more colour to brighten the place up like maybe more repainted buildings or flowers scattered around. it’s a […]

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Investment in tourism

Penzance could do with its town centre improved so when tourists visit iconic places like st.Micheals mount, Lands end, Minack theater and the isle of silly they also put Penzance in that list. If Penzance attattractive to visiting tourists it has has the potential to be the hub of tourism in West Penwith.

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Paint it

I think the look of the town could be vastly improved by painting all the fronts of the buildings USE VOLUNTEERS in wharf side carpark to tell people about the town and what is going on..Dorchester bid did this to great effect..paintingT CREATE A FUN TRAIL for visitors to follow..key historic buildings.. create plaques for […]

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Market day on Saturdays

Close the roads on Causeway Head or Bread Street on a Saturday for a proper street market. Encourage trade, local crafts, and town socialisation. Offer produce that you can’t get online. No traffic would allow social spaces, outdoor cafes, ease of access etc.

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More for families

More activities for family as well as for visitors such as bigger soft play, bowling, indoor Rock climbing ect. An investment in the music scene down here with a new venue or even just put in safe guards for the old ones to avoid anymore being shut down

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Help for homeless

There are a lot of homeless people around Penzance and there is very little for them. Sitting at home under 4 blankets and still being cold makes me feel sick when I think about them out in the shop doorways. There should be huts/ shelters where they’re able to at least get out of the […]

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Better public transport

Public transport, more specifically bus services can be awful. Prices are constantly climbing, making travelling hard, especially when the alternative is a car, an even bigger money pit, and not an option for all people. On top of that they’re usually late, and if they’re early the drivers don’t always wait, and even when they […]

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Facilities for kids/young adults

I feel it would benefit children and young adults to have more places to go and things to do. Everyone is always indoors on their phones and computers, or watching their televisions, and this is including kids. Our minds are slowly being killed, but there are no distractions from it. Unless you want to buy […]

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Convert the harbour to non tidal.

I realise that it will take more than the money available but: Give the harbour the ability for boats and private craft to sail into the harbour, this will bring much needed revenue for the town. A marina type affair which has an affordable aspect for the local community foremost but can welcome visiting boats […]

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Cheaper housing for people. I have 4 kids and live in newlyn, my husband is a fisherman who can earn good money but with changes going on and the weather he hasn’t been to sea much this year. This leaves us struggling to pay our rent.

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Cycle Route

An extended and improved Mounts Bay cycle route from Mousehole to Marazion would be a valuable asset to the area. The existing cycle track from Penzance harbour to the Station car park Marazion is on the whole very badly surfaced and in places impossible to cycle. The route doesn’t extend all the way into Marazion. […]

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Free parking

Stop using the car parks as a cash cow. The town is on its knees because inappropriate and unnecessary out of town centre development all of which provide free parking. This is having a negative impact on the shops and businesses in the town centre. Provide 2 hours free parking all year round to pull […]

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Shopping centre

Have a centre with shops, restaurants, mini golf, cinema etc all in one place with a car park close by would bring a lot more visitors to Penzance and bring in a lot more money!

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Pedestrian priority

Please investigate ways to prioritise pedestrians over vehicles in the town centre. It must be possible to set up a system whereby large delivery vehicles (let’s, Sat, bigger than a DPD van) do not need to enter the town centre. Also, away from the centre, a ban on commercial vehicles (defined by size, not livery) […]

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Reduce Car Park charges

One of the major issues with Penzance town is the high prices of the car parks. Talking to traders its effecting businesses because some people who used to come into their shops don’t now because car parks are too expensive. Put money into dramatically reducing those car park charges and it will encourage more visitors […]

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There are many homeless people and empty buildings in Penzance. Why not use the money to restore a building, so that the homeless can have somewhere warm and dry to sleep and stay safe. We have had such a harsh winter this year – I couldn’t even imagine what it must have been like to […]

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CPOs for empty properties

There are a number of commercial properties in the town that are empty, and have been for a long time. Some of these are owned by hedge funds and pension funds, or families that have seen inheritance but have no care what the visual impact is on the town. CPO these properties and convert to […]


Pedestrians first

Penzance is a beautiful town and steeped in history. To be able to walk comfortably and easily, without having to jump in a gutter when a car is whizzing past impatiently (e.g Bread Street) or manoeuvre around cars parked Inconsiderately on narrow pavements, or having to wait ages for a green man (where available) would […]


Better roads

Roads need to be re-surfaced properly! Not just main ones but side roads too particularly! Fed up of hitting my wheels on potholes or having to go round them!