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Repair the Old Tram (Outram) Bridge

It’s just not acceptable that this landmark should be allowed to degenerate. It was a crucial link in the development of old Preston, a part of its trade links. It’s a simple structure and should be restored as was. The ever increasing cyclists use it as part of their routes, so there should be money […]

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Old Tramroad bridge

Please repair the old bridge. It can be done at a cost much cheaper then demolition and replacement. The current bridge is a reflection of Preston’s proud historical past. A lot of people south of the river used it to walk / cycle safely into town, less now that the other bridge has to be […]


Tram Bridge

I think the Old Tram Bridge should be a priority. Avenham Park is the jewel in the crown. Approaching Preston from the South and going through the park really lifts the spirits. It is a much used and much loved part of Preston. So much has been lost but lets try and hang on to […]

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Fix potholes – they cause serious damage to cars and the council never pay out when it happens.

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Special Needs Children

It would be absolutely amazing to have in Preston places safe to play around for children with SEN. There is a space centre but can be accessed only on the weekends for family sessions. There is no possibility of taking children somewhere fun without splashing fortune on activities, or have them in tiny time slots.

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Park in town for free

With the ever increasing trend of online shopping the high streets have suffered all over. Make it free to park. If I spend a few hours there I’m paying £4 mostly, that makes me come to town less. If I came 2 or 3times that £8 or £12, money a local business would better benefit […]

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Replenishment of Green Space

In recent times trees have been removed from places like Friargate, Winkley Square and the Adelphi roundabout. I would like to suggest preservation of future trees (where possible) and rejuvenation by planting new trees in public spaces. I think trees in our cities provide a positive influence to the atmosphere. It is important that the […]

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