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Highways investment + reduce fleeceholding + unadopted roads

Too little investment is made in the highway maintenance of redditch roads. Potholes are a constant reoccurrence on all roads, flooding due to inadequate drainage is often seen. The local authority has opted out of adopting new build estate roads across all of redditch, leaving their constituents open to uncapped ground management fees. Too little […]

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Redditch a Tourist Destination

Aim for those 3 trains an hour to bring people into Redditch not out…. Black Country Museum eat your heart out – with Redditch being so accessible for Birmingham Schools to visit by train, they could come to Redditch to learn about the Industrial Revolution in a working Museum – we have a site ready […]

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5G Rollout

Redditch has amongst the fastest broadband speeds in the West Midlands, along with manufacturers who serve the automotive and aerospace supply chain. This puts us in prime position to be amongst the first for full 5G rollout and so I would like to see more commitment from government and partners on this.



better safer, segregated cycle routes into town and really secure bike storage more support for small local businesses somewhere in town that sells fresh food including locally grown and made produce Redditch needs to stand out as a destination, at the moment its just a shopping centre with fairly standard shops, the Palace Theatre is […]

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Upmarket bars

I’d like to see more upmarket and well managed bars and restaurants, as well as smoking being managed around the Kingfisher Shopping Centre. When you leave the Shopping Centre all you can smell is smoke and all you can see are cigarette ends on the ground. Alongside this if the space by the Church and […]

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Group funding

The local council have messed up their finances over the last couple of years and they have resorted to cutting funding for valuable local charities. I would like to see improved funding and an expansion of spaces for groups of people to meet and give each other support. There are many empty shop units and […]

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Redditch Connect

Enhanced transport facilities with better interchange. This would be better bus services and connectivity with other public transport modes i.e rail. Also, better connectivity between Redditch Station and the Kingfisher Centre.

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A town for everybody

We need more small independent businesses to bring personality to our town. We need to celebrate diversity and make our town inclusive. We need to promote access to the town centre and other public facilities with better transport links. We need amenities which will support our residents, especially those who are disadvantaged or disengaged. We […]

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The Alex

Give it to the hospital. It’s well and good the town looking pretty if we dont have proper facilities to use when we are unwell.

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New shopping centre

Redditch town centre needs to be more in line of merry hills shopping centre and do we really need car parking every where.use this space for better routes and have one big parking facility.also make it free parking up to 2 hours then a charge all if you spend 20 pound free parking go to […]

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Build a bigger hospital or extend the Alex. Redditch serves many other areas. Worcester can not cope.

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I would like to see an improvement in the bus and cycle routes into the town centre. I would like to see dedicated cycle lanes that are not just a dashed white line painted along a busy road. Once in town how about some secure cycle storage including at the rail station. We need some […]

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