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Safe overnight stops for Motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]

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Outdoor space/ family attraction

It would be nice to see a well equipped, well maintained park and outdoor play facility made available for Families of the community. On a scale similar to brunt-wood park in Stockport, not only would this provide job opportunity for locals and a place to potentially support the trade of small local business, a wider […]

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Making a difference from making it one of the worst town in England to live in, to a town which is complemented. This can be easily done by having more attractions they’ll open up more jobs. Have public transport improve so trams run through Bamford, Castleton and other areas in and around Rochdale making transport […]

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Clean up

Bring back street cleaners, invest in more litter bins and dog poo receptacles. Litter picking schemes and education particularly in schools, then residents will feel able to welcome visitors rather than be ashamed of the rubbish dump we live in

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1. Provide places for teens to go. Youth Club type thing maybe 2. Homeless pods 3. Sort some of our busy junctions out in Rochdale – near Asda, Bury Road etc. 4. Sort out the facades of the shops on Drake Street, great attempt to sort Town Centre out but the routes in put you […]

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Hospital, shops and buses

More investment in our hospital bring back the A&E department to stop the strain on Oldham and Bury”s A&E departments. Put the rents down on the shops in the town centre and make them viable for new enterprises and investors. Bring back the 181 and 182 buses all the way to Rochdale instead of them […]

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Fun for everyone

How about instead of adding more car showrooms and KFCs we dont need, give us something to do. Somewhere for airsoft and/or paintball, give us something we dont have.

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4G Pitch for Rochdale Sports Club

The last year of what seems like constant rain has affected the boroughs playing fields, leading to cancelled training / matches and disappointed children / parents. A 4G pitch with lighting to allow the boroughs children to play sports (Cricket, Lacrosse and Football) regardless of the weather (which let’s face it we get more rain […]

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Clean Up Rochdale and Motor Safety

Rochdale canal is regularly covered with large amount of litter in the water and on the tow path near to Morrison’s and the adjacent retail park nearby. Antisocial behaviour is common too. A litter management scheme/fines bins and signage is definitely needed. As a separate issue there is a large amount of dangerous driving, drifting, […]

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More police!

Having more on the beat police to deal with thieves and neighbour hood watch. Stopping weirdos sitting near play areas and schools. Watching out for flytippers and people who are littering and fining them on the spot. Stopping the beggars at the traffic lights on spotland and manchester road who approach your car for change. […]

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Drake St

A full refurbishment is needed desperately!! This area is 1 of the main entrances to the town centre and looks a disgrace. I’m a bus driver, and travel all over Greater Manchester.. Rochdale Town has to have the most squalor looking entrance here which seriously needs attention!! It’s embarrassing

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1. The area near the train station is a dump. It’s the first thing that people see and it’s an absolute eyesore which needs improving drastically. The walk from the town centre to the new dippy exhibit is also a dump and gives a bad impression of Rochdale. 2. The town hall square is gorgeous […]

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Sports Village

Regenerate the Turner Brothers Asbestos Site into a Sports Village. 4g Pitches, a small stadium, hotel, restaurants, climbing wall, sports halls, etc.

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Green spaces

Some money going into Healey Dell to preserve and develop the wonderful places we already have. Maybe an activity centre and reinstate the paths that have become unused and overgrown or some MTB trails.

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Sexual Healthcare

Bring sexual health back into the NHS instead of Virgin Care who have been running a poor service for years. No available appointments and cause people to miss their contraception deadlines and are not giving people the resources to be safe. Need more appointments in more areas and accessible for those over 21 who need […]

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Fill vacant shops

Encourage small/independent businesses to fill vacant stores in the town centre by offering reduced business rates and a start-up grant for the first year. As it is a common fact that this is when new businesses struggle the most.

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Indoor market

Re open and develop the indoor market, we are a market town and haven’t had one for years. Present excellent opportunities for small business.

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Resurface all roads of main roads, on estates and places of interest.

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More EV public charging points

There are insufficient public chargers for Electric Vehicles. Cars are not going away and the government is incentivising drivers to make the switch to a cleaner mode of transport which will help air pollution. However, there is a lack of investment in the infrastructure required to charge electric vehicles. Therefore I would like to suggest […]

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Improve social wellbeing.

Improve the social well being of the town by making sure the town centre is well protected and is socially acceptable for families and people of all ages. This includes having relevant members of enforcement to remove anti-social and socially threatening individuals so the town can flourish.

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Re establish the ELR, connect Rochdale, Castleton & Heywood with Bury, regenerate Castleton High Street into a thriving village.

There has been significant investment in Rochdale to regenerate the town centre which is fantastic. Castleton provides a fantastic commuter district to Manchester, however the missing link is the decommissioned ELR. Re opening this line would attract investment into Rochdale’s surrounding areas such as Castleton. Further housing, schools and businesses would be developed and significantly […]

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Electric vehicle and micromobility infrastructure

To support decarbonisation of our transport networks consideration should be given to supporting the uptake of EVs and micromobility. Investments could range from electrification of public transport systems, increasing EV charging points across the town (possible free charging like Warrington councils Time Square car park), through to innovative uptake of urban micromobility (electric bikes, electric […]

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Extend the tram to Heywood and Bury

Extend the metrolink trams from Rochdale through to Heywood and on to Bury using existing railway lines (train-tram) and the heritage East Lancashire Railway. Connecting the town centres of Rochdale, Heywood and Bury with fast and reliable tram services allows these three towns to collectively benefit from each of their strengths and compete with nearby […]