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Street trees

Westborough used to have street trees. Please put them back! Trees provide so many benefits and make the town centre a pleasant place.

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Bring in cruise ships

Even the largest cruise ships can anchor in the bay and run tender boats ashore. The Yorkshire coast has dozens of attractions a short bus ride away, even as far as York is normal for ships’ tours. The extra tourist numbers will boost the sand side economy as well as the wider region. Many cruise […]

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Various thoughts

Scarborough needs to provide cleaner streets, beaches and roads into Scarborough town centre to make it look appealing. Improve the road structures into the town, Filey Road and Seamer Road, look at the congestion reasons e.g. road layout. Provide a larger variety of activities for families of all family ages and provide better advertising of […]

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Restore the beauty of Scarborough

Scarborough looks run down and neglected as do other towns in East Yorkshire, including Bridlington and Driffield. We need to restore the charm of these places as that would significantly bring in tourism pounds. Restore the architectural heritage and the natural heritage of the coastline. No more places like Alpamare, they do not fit the […]

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No cars on foreshore

Having no car access on the foreshore works when we have events. It’s less stress watching for cars and less pollution – why not try it? I have been to many seaside resorts in the UK and Europe most have car free seafronts with cafes utilising the space with resudents and visitors relaxing car free.

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Ms J Golden

Good morning, Having had a brief Chat with our local MP, Robert Goodwill, I felt it important to raise my suggestion in a bid to help our local community and Scarborough. I’ve only been resident here for over three years, but have noticed a significant downturn in local businesses moving out of shops. This leaves […]

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Town centre

More seats more flowers a statue of what Scarborough is about message boards telling people what’s on and were new shops

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Provide for the youth

Scarborough has loads to do for young families who like being outdoors…especially on sunny summer days. But come rain and bad weather and for our local young people, there’s nowhere to go and not much to do, unless you want to spend a lot of money or travel at least an hour to a city. […]


Generate SME growth

Better office space and connectivity is crucial if we’re to stabilise current SMEs in the town and encourage others to start. The towns offering for emerging sectors (digital being our example) isn’t good enough. We need to attract people with the skills into our area, we’re competing against large, cosmopolitan cities for these people and […]

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Rediscovered Scarborough

Town centres are failing. Ours is doing ok but is drab and quickly losing the uniqueness that could make it a real tourism draw. so… 1. Restore all buildings to original period frontages enhancing the heritage feel of the town. Make grants available to landlords to enable this to happen. Where buildings have been replaced […]