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Safe overnight stops for Motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]

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Grants to local shop owners for signage and building improvements

Shops in our area looks very run down. Offer independent businesses grants to update their signage and to paint and/or repair their buildings (especially the floors above the shops). Introduce planning restrictions to limit the kind of signage which can be used in the area to encourage cohesion and to stop ramshackle one upmanship. Prevent […]

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Bearwood indoor market

Consider moving the Bearwood indoor market to the former majestic/Windsor cinema on Bearwood road (where there are already a few shops). It could be renovated similar to the corn exchange in Leeds. The existing indoor market could could then be made into a public open space.

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Bearwood – Places for People

Similar to the successful Mini-Holland/Liveable Neighbourhoods schemes implemented in outer London Boroughs, Bearwood would benefit greatly from people centric improvements that would reduce traffic and air pollution, facilitate and encourage increased walking and cycling, and create a better environment with social vibrancy and economic vitality on the high street. The project might include: – Reducing […]

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Splash pad

We have 2 big parks in smethwick near bearwood with just one play area for kids which always full, we can have splash pad as well so we don’t have to travel to sandwell valley park.

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Bearwood high street

Rejuvenate Bearwood high street. This is a central hub in need of improvement. As somebody new to the area I was very surprised to see just how dilapidated the High Street has become. There are a number of closed shops limited variety and generally in need of a total refresh. Small and large business should […]

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Bearwood High Street

Empty shops, beggars, litter, used to be a thriving shopping centre. We have the wonderful Lightwoods Park and Warley Woods in close proximity to the High Street. It needs a revamp and lots of TLC!

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Can I suggest that the allocation for Smethwick is used to reduce business rates, to allow the few business that survive, despite the onslaught and incompetence of the corrupt & criminal Sandwell Council, to be given survive and grow. They are the true job creators while our local council seems intent on destroying the town […]

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Protect our heritage

Smethwick is replete with not only a stunning neglected public buildings but also a number of derelict factories along the B4135 facing the canals. Preserving the buildings along this road while also reanimating them and redeveloping the area with mid-density, car free residential development will introduce more people to the area to support the high […]


A community hub

There is work already underway to establish a community hub for Smethwick (in Bearwood) which needs support and funding. This project is so important, enabling much greater interaction within the community as well as support for those who need it. Additionally Bearwood has a large number of residents who are involved in the arts, but […]

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High street

There should be some investment in the Smethwick high street. It doesn’t reflect what community needs. There is so much going on around Smethwick right now, new housing developments and the hospital but the high street only seem to cater for one group of people. Would be great to see some nice cafes, a small […]

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Primary School Places

Money to fund building extensions to existing Primary schools in Smethwick for extra places for pupils. Not just for gradual growth but for current year groups. A complete overhaul of the current admissions system which is not fit for purpose and does not give fair access to all. How the current system was even implemented […]

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Clean the streets

Please invest in personnel to clean the streets of Smethwick as it’s starts looking like one big skip. There are the same rubish in the same spot and dogs/cats poo everywhere for weeks!

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SME grants

Make money available to SME’s for business development and/or equipment grants. The cash injection could help local businesses out of a rut and explore new revenue sources. Investment in equipment could also open up new manufacturing capabilities.

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Hagley road tram

The tram needs to come up the Hagley road and Wolverhampton road and prices for travel need to decrease. It would make some great routes to thriving area bearwood and harborne and lots of residential estates too. Reducing carbon emissions but making travel easier for all

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Affordable indoor tennis courts

Smethwick only has one tennis court which is located in Victoria Park. This is great during the summer months even though you might have to wait some time to get on it as it is very popular however during the winter I sometimes drive to Warwick university to play indoor tennis therefore a few affordable, […]

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Victoria Park

Victoria Park needs refreshing the park area is not big enough for the amount of children who use it. It also needs more lighting around the dog walking areas, there is only lighting in the middle which is pointless if you have to walk through in patch black until you get to the play area […]

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Better connectivity

Lots of people commute from Smethwick into Birmingham daily for school, college, University and work, but public transport routes via Dudley Rd are very poor, and highly congested. Please improve this! Likewise, rail routes have little parking options, and there are no ring and ride services. Capehill area could also do with a complete regeneration.

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Play ground for kids

There is a piece of land owned by Sandwell council in Amwthwick Near 14 Stanhope Rd, Smethwick B67 6HN People are throwing rubbish in there every day and this place could be very useful for the community.

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Bearwood improvements

It would be great to also look at the wider area of Smethwick- specifically Bearwood. It would be great for new shops to be opened- loads of empty shops, improved roads- cycle lanes etc, old shabby buildings to be improved and improvements in Lightwoods park- especially the pond area. Thimblemill Brook could also be improved. […]



More street trees planted to improve air quality, improve the look of streets and provide homes for wildlife.

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Bearwood High Street

Lots of empty storefronts, garbage on roads, rough sleepers, beggars. It would be nice to see Bearwood High Street tidied up and given a face lift. This is such a vibrant and multicultural community….let’s celebrate that and have the high street look as warm and inclusive as this community is. Also…maybe a road sweeping vehicle […]

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Kerb Appeal

I’ve only lived in Smethwick for two years and a major problem that stands out to me is litter. I’m not talking about an odd crisp packet here and there. We need investment in tackling antisocial dumping of rubbish which is a major problem here, along with tidying up of verges and shared spaces to […]

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Rolf street and high street

It would be fantastic to improve Rolf street and the high street to make it more welcoming and appealing to businesses plus the local Community. There are so many areas in Smethwick that are unused, run down or derelict. Litter, drug use and fly tipping is terrible. It’s such a shame when Smethwick has so […]


The Hawthorns

WBA football club horrendous on match days. The club will not allow residents to have permit parking. Instead we have to suffer supporters parking inconsiderately putting our lives at risk. No space for Emergency vehicles to access. Its not a costly idea to the club comparing how much the residents have to suffer. There are […]

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Tram to Bearwood

I’d like to see the tram extended from five ways all the way up the Hagley road to Bearwood bus station. This would help small businesses and make Bearwood a destination as well as alleviating traffic allowing those from Bearwood and Quinton that work in the city easier means to get to work.

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High Street

In my last email I’m not sure but I think I might have said increase the size of the road by 50m this should be 50cm obviously! Please amend if published

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Rolfe Street and High Street

Make the area surrounding the Rolfe Street Station and High Street more welcoming. There is so much drug use and littering in this area. The area seems so run down. The Tollgate Shopping Centre is also in great need of investment and improvement, so many rough sleepers and beggars on the High Street.


Windmill Market

Large space unused and abandoned. Needs pulling down & could be a great site for redevelopment. Smethwick is very diverse in communities. This space would be great to turn into a shared space where sharing & purchasing of a variety of goods would work well. This area could work very well as the famous rag […]