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Golf/Spa resort

With so many excellent golf courses in the immediate vicinity, are we doing enough to attract people to them? How about making Southport the resort town for golf and spa weekends. That would tie in with our historic reputation for being a place to come to for rest and recreation and wellbeing.

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Look to our past for our future

I read a great article last year in a local magazine written by a previous Southport resident and businessman talking about how to regenerate and re-energise our town (I wish I could find as I would post it!). His ideas were based on using what made Southport famous in Victorian times as the basis upon […]

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Support the town’s anchor attraction

The town’s Pleasureland has huge plans for an expanded leisure destination venue that will increase visitor numbers exponentially. I would love to see this – which is already welcomed by the council – supported with investment for jobs at the site, more footfall for the town, big changes and a huge fillip for the town’s […]

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