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Why limit tourism to summer only?

I love Cornwall in general and St Ives in particular. However I don’t visit anymore because you are extremely unwelcoming to motorhomes. We travel all year round and love visiting places out of season, but instead of welcoming motorhome tourists and the money they bring (and yes, they do spend money in local pubs, shops, […]


Striking a Balance

Having read all the ideas I agree with so many of them. I feel there is an imbalance in the town and it would be fantastic to address some of these issues. Yes we are a top holiday destination but also we have a community all year round whose needs are not always being met […]

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A few suggestions

Widen the Wharf road further into the harbour for more outdoor cafes/space. Add another layer to the station car park. Close the tax loop hole for second homes and increase council tax on second homes. Build some affordable starter flats so the young can afford to stay in town. Have a salary ceiling after which […]

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Upgrade Richmond Park

The Friends of Carbis Bay group are trying to regenerate and upgrade the Richmond Gardens park in Carbis Bay. There are plans to upgrade the play equipment to make it more inclusive for all age groups, a community planting scheme, an outdoor gym area and family picnic area. This will be a huge hotspot for […]

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Community MiniBus

I would propose we have a community Mini bus (or two) that could be hired out by our local community groups or organisations to use when necessary. So many of these groups do not have the funds or the space to take ownership of an initiative like this but would also hugely benefit from having […]

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Independent retailers

Retail rental prices and ‘business leases’ are just too far too expensive for any small business. Shops are sitting empty and slowly being turned into residential holiday let properties. Purchasing retail property for small local businesses with reasonable rent would be a great help.

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Sports Hall

A fully equipped sports hall – nowhere in St Ives area to play basketball/badminton etc. Important facility for local schools and community.


Easing traffic

Put fare/ticket collectors on buses running to & from St Ives to Lelant. A simple way of improving traffic flow if buses just pick up passengers rather than the current method of bus drivers collecting fares.

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Rugby club

The rugby club could really do with a cash injection. We have one of the most beautiful views from a rugby pitch and yet the stand and the clubhouse needs some serious help

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Compulsory purchase orders

Compulsory purchase orders for houses on roads with over 85% holiday lets. These could then be rented back at a fair price to the officially recognised ethnic minority Cornish people. Holidays lets do little except generate large sums for out of town owners who use loopholes to avoid paying both business rates and council tax.

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Update the cinema.

The Royal cinema is embarrassing. Its so run down and very cold and rugged inside. Needs to be kitted out nicely and updated as a lot of locals don’t even use this cinema as we have options of the other ones in penzance Redruth etc. Or, remove it and add a nightclub. Definitely need something […]


Bike racks

It would be great to have more bike racks around town . I have a business in town , park outside town and cycle in . This would be great to encourage .

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Homes for locals

More properties for people working and living in the town to be actually affordable. Research in to actual rates of pay and affordable living e.g. someone on £8 an hour on a full time job taking home just over a grand a month and their rent and bills being near £700. How are they supposed […]

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Pedestrianise Town Centre

Town could be closed to vehicles for certain hours a day. Arrangements for deliveries etc. As it is a medieval town the streets are narrow and the vehicles are large which makes it difficult and unsafe for people to walk around the town.

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Provide safe places for young people

We have a lot of teens and young people who are frustrated because they have no accessible facilities. Everything caters for holidaymakers. Our young people matter and need youth centres, clubs, leisure activities such as bowling and a sports hub where team games can be played. There is very little available in either St.ives or […]

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Surgery and schooling

A new surgery be built to cope with the ever growing medical needs in holiday times and the growing population of St Ives. Extra housing and people moving into the area but no extra schools or Doctors for the town (((

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St Ives Skatepark

I would strongly recommend investing in this community project and help bringing a quality infrastructure to residents of all age. St Ives has always been a spot for surfers and skaters.

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Sports Centre

More modern sports facilities exist in so many towns and cities now. I think a centre with all weather pitches, tennis courts, indoor multi-use hall etc would be great for children and the community.

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Renewable Energy

Invest in a community owned solar and wind power scheme. Located close to the town, this works provide low cost electricity for the town and reduce the towns carbon footprint. Do NOT invest is roads or parking as this will just encourage even more people to drive to the town. We need more to come […]

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Skate park

Fixing the skatepark so kids aren’t hurting themselves on the ramps all the time and then actually going through with the plans to renovate it

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Station car park to be turned into a multi storey so then there will be no need for so many vehicles to drive into the town


Pedestranise Town Centre

Fore street and or the Wharf should be for pedestrians only – especially during high season, or during the day – this would make the town much more pleasant and safer to walk around – be better for retail experience and the businesses in the area. Better signage for park and ride before people try […]

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Fast food chains

We need fast food chains, we have no McDonalds, KFC or anything… it’s such a sad little town for the youth. Olders are attached to the history, Chuck em all out I say. We need some clubs, 1am is the latest a pub is open which is NOT ok. Sort it out lads.


st ives surf life saving club

Hi I am a commitee member for St Ives Surf Life Saving Clubwe run a club in st ives town, we teach lifesaving skills and water safety skills in a fun way, we have people that do it for fitness, those that wish to compete in the sport and some that do it for fun. […]

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What needs doing

More to do for secondary school pupils along with college pupils too. Anything, anything at all for them in Carbis Bay which is affordable and not in the next town.

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accommodation for 18-25 year old locals who want to live near family and friends. Less holiday lets, more housing for the people that love and live in the town

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Boost economy

Encourage retailers to use all of the retail spaces available which requires cutting rates. The town could do with practical shops not just tourist shops. Let’s try to get Wilko into the town. A youth club and an age concern would be welcomed. Cut car parking charges at certain times.

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Something for families

Although we are blessed with the tourists packed beaches in the summer and a run down cinema there isn’t much more unless u want them revisit an art gallery/ museum with 4 kids! The pool is boring. We need something for the kids to do, including teens. Updating the cinema, Bowling, Sports bar, A club/ […]

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More for families please!

I think St Ives desperately needs investment in to the local families that live here all year round, not just when it becomes the pretty seaside destination in the summer months. I think we need to provide more for the families, young children and also teenagers. I think there needs to be some sort of […]