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Encourage co-working spaces

The empty shop fronts in Stevenage make the town centre look run down. Encourage co-working spaces so that SME’s/individual workers can work in the spaces. This would also allow for the spaces to be refurbished, and bring better life to the area. Especially beneficial considering its proximity to the train station.

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Improved cycle tracks

The cycle tracks in Stevenage are its main strength. However it would be better if they were connected to towns outside of Stevenage, to improve commuting. A quality cycle track between Stevenage and Hertford, and Hitchin, and Letchworth/Baldock, and Knebworth/Welwyn, would encourage greener commuting between towns.

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Town Centre units

I would like to see better use of the empty units on the first and second floors of the shops in the town centre. It feels like these shops aren’t making the best use of their space

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