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Safe overnight stops for Motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]

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Upgrade Eastbourne House

Eastbourne House is an existing Further Education learning centre providing over 100 local young people (aged 16 to 18) every year with access to training in: bricklaying; carpentry and joinery; painting and decorating; health & social care; hospitality & catering; and GCSEs in maths and English. With the right investment, the building could include new […]


Let’s use the Towns Fund to Reach for the Stars

After 50 years of successfully delivering its programme of astronomy-related events at its Sherwood Observatory, MSAS now wants to create a Science Discovery Centre & Planetarium. Over 20,000 local people and tourists will visit each year for exhibitions, events, planetarium shows and cinema screenings. STEM based learning sessions will help build the pipeline of talent […]



NHS needs this money, send it where it needs to go

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Invest in the youth

In Sutton, most ambitious young people leave the area because there of a lack of good opportunities. This leads to a “brain drain” and an ageing population. A lot has been done to cater for the older generations, including the Sutton heritage stuff in the Idlewells, but not much is being done for young people. […]

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Toilet facilities

I’d like to suggest not only updating the overall appearance of the town centre but also introducing pushchair friendly toilet facilities. All of the toilets in town have double doors that I can not get my pushchair into, if by chance someone is kind enough to hold the doors for me i then have to […]

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Clock repairs

Repair the previously animated clock in the Idlewells, celebrating Sutton’s mining history and accessible for all to see and enjoy

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Pot holes everywhere, Stanton hill is basically one massive pot hole now.

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getting bigger branded shops in fill the empty shops and have a better outdoor market also more decoration like commissioned street art flowers just make the place look good and make it some where people want to shop

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Ashfield Show

Bring back the annual Ashfield Show. The night the Sugababes came to town the town centre was packed when the show finished. Lots of people moaned but I bet if you asked local businesses they would probably say they did quite well, I know my local chippy was packed!

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Change Sutton for everyone

Create a place for various groups to go – youth clubs, pensioners, craft groups, families – like Brook Street Hall used to be! Clean up the area especially housing estates – fencing, gardens etc, turn Portland square into a nice communal area with regular events, get rid of the eyesore outdoor market or move it […]

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Full size ice rink

It would be great for the community if we had an olympic size ice rink. As we’ve got one of the best club set ups in the country. It’s just a shame that at a certain age they have to travel to Sheffield to play home games, because the ice rink we have is just […]

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Pedestrian crossing

Stanton Hill and skegby especially have next to none pedestrian crossings. Where thre are schools there isn’t any so it’s a disator waiting to happen. Then once that’s sorted fill in pots especially the really bad ones. Go onto looking at how to make the town more inviting to out of town people.

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Outram Street

My opinion is that Outram Street is the key to it all. To make it accessible to the public parking would assist, the land at the end of Park Street could be purchased to open up an additional section of parking. It’s unlikely that high street brands would invest at this present moment in time […]

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One way traffic system

I propose that Outram st & Priestic rd were made a one way system this would not only ease congestion in the town it would force traffic up Outram st giving the shops a massive boost in its presence. most traffic goes up & down Priestic rd so no one sees what shops are about.

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Business Rates

A chance for local businesses to set up & thrive I would suggest that the 1st year trading they pay only 25% 2nd year 50% third year 75% & full rates after 4 years of trading. This should only be available to residents within a set limit & traders would not get this deal if […]

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Major re-development

Unfortunately this suggestion may be more than £25M. However, I believe that sometime forward looking and long term should be planned, more in line with the Idlewells slum clearance of the 1970s. We should clear Outram Street and surrounding, deprived, drug ridden housing. We should consolidate the “Good” businesses from the Outram street area into […]

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Road improvement

People dont want to drove into sutton to use the shops because the roads are ruining our cars!!! At the end of the day if shops want to look nicer from the outside they should use their own money! What am I paying road tax for when I’m having to pay out on major wear […]

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Make people want to be here…

Bring Outram Street back to life, so many empty and/or derelict buildings. Entertainment facilities, restaurants or bistros that pull people in. It would also be nice to feel safe walking down there at night! The roads in Ashfield are also some of the worst in the County and we pay one of the highest Council […]

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Road resurfacing

I see so many jokes made about Sutton being poor, and riddled with problems. The main problem is the roads, everywhere you drive, couldn’t go to costa without getting home with half a cup.

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Create an intergrated town

Make the town flow. Pedestrianise a large amount of space with key through routes for traffic and public transport. Make it easy to flow and move between key areas of the town, such as between Outram street and Idlewells and Sutton Lawn. Create green space for recreation. Make the area able to recover from anti-social […]

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This money is not for road improvement

We need to improve the town centres. Aesthetically they are depressing. Small businesses are closing all the time. What is the point of improving the roads so that drivers can get through the area quicker. De-pedestrianise Portland Square and open up Outram Street to traffic. De- pedestrianise Lowmoor Road in Kirkby. Reduce business rates for […]


Roads and public transport

Make the A38 2 lanes from huthwaite to the kings mill junction with better overhead crossing points. Better public transport connectivity across Ashfield and surrounding towns/villages including areas within Derbyshire i.e. South Normanton and its industrial estates

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High street

Invest in outram street bringing stronger lasting business and employment opportunities to the area instead of small businesses trying and failing most of the time there …we have more than enough nail bars,barbers and takeaways its time for a change



Fitting average speed cameras on the twitchell as all traffic use it as a race track. Do we have to have another life lost before something is done. I spoke to the last MP she said she would take it up with whoever but never did.

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Funding for non profit community groups that improve health and wellbeing..

There are many long standing community, non-profit and volunteer organisations that provide support and opportunity for people needing to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing. These group’s range from sports clubs to services supporting victims of abuse or violence. Let’s see these fabulous organisations supported to strengthen and build on what they do […]


The A38…..

The way the A38 from Orchard Way goes from 2 lanes into 1 at every junction until the junction of Coxmoor Road (4 junctions) is a nightmare to use. Anyone wanting to visit Ashfield or even Mansfield would be put off using this route. Road rage heaven.

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Improved Cycle provision

Dedicated cycle lanes between key parts of the town as a whole, for example between Brierley Park, town centre and Sutton Lawn and main housing estates, rail station into town. Plus improved cycle facilities to park bikes in town.

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