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Safe overnight stops for Motorhomes

We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful. We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK) Please […]

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Welcome motorhome visitors

Why don’t we make motorhome visitors welcome by providing designated overnight parking for them. Combine this into an improved green corridor around the canal. Many motorhomers are retired and travel all year, they have the grey pound in their pocket which they can spend supporting our pubs, restaurants shops and attractions. They need to be […]

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Improve town centre links

Links between the town centre and the railway station are poor! White Hart Fold could be better connected to Station Approach by a sloping path accessible to all users. As part of this the nearby parking could be moved onto the end of the existing station car park.

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Rugby League pitch

Bringing Rugby league back to todmorden, by having permission to play on tod park. I will restore the old changing rooms, as the water and electricity supplies are still there. Rugby is played during the summer months which will limit damage to the field.

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Modern Affordable Housing

As those born in the 50s and 60s are coming up to retirement age, there is a real shortage of housing for the elderly and the pressures will increase significantly. I would like to see a development of social housing bungalows to meet the needs of the towns retired folk.

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The Green House

I suggest that money is invested in what was the mini-zoo in Centre Vale Park as as space for families with under fives. It should be built as a small eco-building with seedum roof, harvested rain water, and composting toilets. There are many models on which this could work: leased as a very small scale […]


Better local connections

Can we have a bus service connecting Todmorden to surrounding rural areas? I live in Blackshaw, and one of the main reasons we look more to Hebden for shops, evenings out etc, is that there is a bus route. It would also allow more people in Todmorden to access the lovely countryside on the doorstep […]


GP Practice

To keep the GP practice as some of the locals cannot travel and home visitations are only in small numbers. Also phone consultations are good but not when a doctor/nurse needs to physically examine you.

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make town business friendly

have grants for anyone setting up new busness turn town into tech business hub improve transport connections (bus train) re open 6th form have zone regulations out of town cars pay to travel through if you don’t work or are resident to cut traffic get rid of business rates on rental units build accessible cycle […]

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Youth Services

I would like to suggest that some of the money be invested in youth services/ projects. Aside from traditional youth services(cubs, Scouts, guides etc) there is very little youth provision in Todmorden. I feel the town would benefit from a well funded, dedicated centre where youths could meet and channel energy positively. There are many […]

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Eco Accommodation

Todmorden is a great town with lots to offer in terms of music events, outdoor activities and much more. We are lacking affordable accommodation to attract visitors which would be great for everyone. Also benefits visiting family members.

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community space

we are a town rich in festivals create town center space for perfomance and install lighting ?plug points in the ground. light up the trees plain white with solar panels

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All weather football/sports pitch

A full size all weather floodlit football/sports pitch. Most towns of Todmorden’s size have all weather football/sports pitches. Most if not all of the current pitches are not maintained resulting in poor pitches or games/ training being called off. I believe a feasibility study has already been carried out at Bellholme Sports centre. For approximately […]


Town Hall – Further Improvements

Whilst there is a intended scheme I understand to improve the ballroom, the rest of the building requires attention. The railings outside require refurbishment and repainting and the impressive entrance hall needs to be opened up for regular viewing as it is currently hidden apart from limited monthly guided tours. Perhaps the previous entrance can […]

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Sports Facilities

Indoor Courts for Squash and Tennis. Investment in Local teams so they can afford fees for pitches and training. Indoor cricket facilities and full size year round football pitches.

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Todmorden youth club

Save the youth centre, todmorden youth club at Calder college needs saving! Where are children supposed to go if it closes? Hang around on the streets? Act today and stop that happening! The youth centre is a potential safe space for children from things that may be happening in their life!

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Playgrounds and parks

There are many rural communities who have no parks or playgrounds for children to play. Around Harvelin Park, near Stoodley Pike, there isn’t a single field or park for mailed around. Residents have taken it upon themselves to install swings and slides in their own gardens. Our nearest park is a 2 mile drive.


Education for the whole community

Life-long educational opportunities – ranging from ESOL, basic skills, employment skills in sectors such as tech, renewable energy, sustainable building, through to arts and cultural education, would all enrich the town and help to make it both more prosperous and a more attractive place to live and work. There is a quick win opportunity with […]


Community Hub & Learning Centre

Todmorden Learning Centre & Community Hub is a well established project to transfer the current Tod College into community control. The building has been under-used and run-down over the last few years by CMBC, and needs investment. It will provide everything from increased learning opportunities and vocational courses, to well-being classes, rooms for meetings, a […]


Todmorden College and Community hub

The college can perform a wide variety of functions in the town, it will need capital funding for building improvements like, fire alarms, ventilation, security, a second fire escape route from the second floor gymnasium, re equiping the catering training room, equiping a hack space and pottery room, insulating the whole building, adding another floor […]


New community centre

Todmorden desperately needs a new, accessible, all age use community centre, adaptable to a wide range of activities and with wi fi access. There needs to be a purpose built new venue on Rose Street for a community centre that can be uses by all ages and for a range of activities, from sit down […]


Save Ferney Lee Care Home

Look after our elderly: This Care Home needs to be able to continue to provide vital respite care, and care for elderly people discharged from hospital but before they are able to return home. The Council might have to close this brilliant place soon, apparently because of badly needed maintenance and upgrading for which there […]


A Number of Suggestions

Firstly I would like to see our Bandstand restored. It is an historical asset of my town and I believe it’s one of only two left standing in the UK. Secondly I would like to see more police as we are severely under manned. Thirdly I would like to keep the Calder Community GP practice […]



Could we please allocate some funds to go towards to saving, renovation and revitalising of our heritage assett.Calderdale Council due to cuts in funding have not be able to keep up with the maintenance of our Bandstand that was built in 1914 by local builders. We are passionate about Saving our much loved centre piece […]


It’s a hike to the Pike

Stoodley Pike stands tall on the Todmorden skyline, a route on the Pennine Way and is a noticable feature in the area. Parking anywhere near the foot of the hillside adjacent to the monument is limited to a handful of cars and also causes significant access issues for locals and busses. Todmorden boasts the highest […]


Local education

Fund the college after the asset transfer to ensure adult and further education is available in todmorden because the sixth-form and all adult learning has been withdrawn from the town.

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Visitor accommodation

Fund the building of a natural-build hotel on Rose Street. Todmorden has lots of events with hundreds of people in attendance form outside of the town and they have to stay outside of the town, which loses revenue for local businesses.