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Social care in crisis

I note with interest the Warrington deal boards consideration of a social care skills academy. With my elderly parents requiring care at home and ocasionally in respite I think it’s a good idea to encourage the next generation of social care professionals. It is well documented that social care needs additional support with the workforce […]

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Parks and playing fields

Warrington has unique green spaces and parks. But they need maintaining for example, better drainage and more regular maintenance. We want to get children and adults fitter so we need to ensure the parks and playing fields are not overgrown or too boggy.

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Rail hub combining both lines

Warrington has the potential to be a major rail nexus. We are home to two railway lines – the West Coast line which runs up to Scotland and down to London, and the Trans Pennine line which runs from Liverpool to Hull. Combining these two lines at a new station would make streamline rail transport […]

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Touring youth club

Build communities for our young people and encourage ‘positive play’ by setting up a touring youth club in partnership with Warrington schools. Using a four-week rota, twenty primary/secondary schools could open up their premises to youth workers who could organise activities and events, whilst encouraging them to attend Warrington Youth Club (or the Youth Zone […]

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Upper Bridge Street

Can we turn some of the vacant units into art spaces? Galleries? Studios? Can we do this in tandem with university of Chester or via Livewire/ Culture Warrington? Could University of Chester perhaps look at a ‘University in the town’ unit on Bridge Street which showcases cutting edge research or things of interest? Lancaster University […]

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Tram links with Manchester

Reduce congestion by moving our public transport forward. Create a tram network that links in to Manchester’s Irlam tram system and Liverpool if they have them. Manchester teams run well, are low priced and reduced the number of vehicles on the roads.

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More housing in the centre to protect the greenbelt

Warrington needs more affordable housing, but the council’s plans are to build 7k executive homes and massive distribution warehouses on South Warrington greenbelt land in WA4. This will decimate our greenbelt (important to protect aesthetically and environmentally, and because 4K South Warrington residents have objected to the council’s plans). Instead, this money could be used […]

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River Mersey

We have a potentially beautiful river and you can’t get near it to enjoy. We should spend some money on that. And STOP building on green belt land. There is plenty of tatty land or ugly buildings within Warrington that can be used for building.

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Social Housing.

Public housing Public housing is a form of housing tenure in which the property is usually owned by a government authority, which may be central or local. Social housing is any rental housing that may be owned and managed by the state, by non-profit organizations. I would like to see the local council ( Warrington […]

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Investment Zone

The government has commented on it’s plans to develop “Freeport’s” or “Freezones” which are tax free or effective areas for foreign and regional businesses to build a base and generate the economy in a strong and robust fashion. These type of practices have been adopted by places like the UAE and the Canary Islands with […]

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Hydrogen fuel cell buses

There are 18 towns and cities throughout Europe, inc UK (Aberdeen and London), with many more planned, which operate hydrogen fuel cell buses. Refer to the attached website https://www.fuelcellbuses.eu/. Warrington should be aggressively progressing the evaluation and introduction of Hydrogen fuel cell buses throughout our town. With one of the recorded worst air pollution rates […]

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Free parking

Make all car parks free. This encourages people to come into the town centre and will help businesses. Cheshire Oaks and the Trafford Centre are close by and offer free parking. Why would people pay to come into town when they can go there?

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Culture Warrington

The archives of the town need to be promoted better. If people knew it was there they would actively go to find out their family history. Additionally, the museum needs to focus on Warringtonian history. We have bountiful history from the earliest Roman settlement to the modern Burtonwood RAF site. It is essential that this […]