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Move the Fish Market

Currently, the Fish Market is where it has been for centuries, on the quayside in the lower harbour, on Pier Road. This was all fine in the past before motor vehicles, but today vehicles have to squeeze through Whitby’s medival streets to get to the Fish Market. Additionally, the market area used to be open […]

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We need to look to the future and the jobs that are on the horizon – green jobs and tech jobs – they need to be supported to come here. Our community needs to support our families & young people who have been left behind to gain those jobs. Basic maths and literacy skills are […]

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Calla Beck Heritage Centre

Develop Heritage Centre on Calla Beck land to celebrate our fishing history, also walkway to Caedmon trod. Visitor centre would be self sustainable moving forward after funding is no longer available creating jobs for local residents.

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New businesses & town scape

We need better lighting in several areas of the town and I’d like to see more modern store fronts and updated business not another fish & chip or charity shop. We need to catch up with times. Need year round landscape in all areas of the town center with features from local artists perhaps or […]

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Pop Up Power and sites

provide pop up event power in public areas as cities like York and Manchester and accrington and…. well you get the idea. Then you have event friendly spaces without having to bring in noisy smokey generators. Plus you don’t have to run miles of cable for people to trip over. Also unused space within the […]

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Youth Provision

We have an abundance of natural ‘facilities’ for the summer that the youth of the town can enjoy outside. However when it comes to winter where can they go to learn, let off steam and enjoy themselves. There needs to be some form of youth provision that they can enjoy all year round but certainly […]

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Business Hubs and Innovation Centres

Smart, connected work space for start up businesses. Be it office space or hot desks where assistance can be provided to access government funds available or private investment. Somewhere that hosts talks, seminars and brings together new and existing business owners from within the town for a sharing of ideas and getting support. Increased connectivity […]

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Dog Mess

An increasing problem in many towns and cities, however the last summer season in Whitby was frightening with many visitors complaining to councils. Improved signage as well as increased number of wardens. I think we have two but I’ve never seen them. Something needs to be done

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Additional Park & Ride

In addition to the existing Park & Ride being open all year round, we need another Park & Ride car park on the Scarborough road. Parking in Whitby at the height of season is an absolute nightmare. It seems to me we get as many visitors coming from the direction of Scarborough as we do […]

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My Town, My Community, Our Compassion

This is about regenerating my community. An area whose residents care about each other’s wellbeing will be a stronger, better and happier place to live, raise children, support older folk, attract small skills-based businesses and still continue to welcome visitors even more warmly. A Wellbeing Spa Town! I witnessed the impact of a so-called Compassionate […]

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More bins for dog poo bags. A supply of bags around Whitby in case the dog owner runs out or forgets them.

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I think it would be better if trains went to bigger cities like York which would make travelling to and from Whitby easier for more people

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I would like to see solar lighting along the sea wall and up the ravine so people will can use the pathways all year round.

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Park and ride

The park and ride needs to be open all year round, even if October to March is at a reduced service. It should be available for long stay parking so visitors staying for the week/end can drop off their belongings at place of stay then park at park ride for the duration of stay. Therefore […]


Car parking is strangling the town

We receive thousands and thousands of visitors, who provide the life blood in business and commerce here. Everyone, residents and visitors alike, complains about the parking. Visitors will sail past the Park and Ride, fail to find a car park space, and then park inappropriately or take up residents’ spaces on private streets and car […]