Traffic cripples Boston. If you really want to make a positive impact on the Boston Borough, then solving the traffic problem around the town centre is the primary issue. I understand that this town deal is not just an exercise to improve Boston’s infrastructure, but it is a serious problem. Whenever I speak to anyone in the local area, everyone avoids the town centre to avoid the endless traffic problem. How can you expect to negotiate a ‘town’ deal if no one can access the town because there are no buses, or for those who drive do everything they can to avoid the town centre? You can provide the biggest pull factors going, however if people don’t want to be in and around the town, it is futile. Investing heavily in providing further facilities would seemingly only compound that problem. My suggestion would be to first focus on improving the congestion. Maybe starting with subsidised public transport, regular routes, and maybe a flyover the railway to ease backlogs at peak rush hour.

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  1. Boston desperately needs another river crossing. Unless you know about Sluice Bridge the only option is Haven Bridge. That means that most traffic has to use Liquorpond Street roundabout. Call it a bypass, distributor road or whatever, another route is essential to ease congestion. Spalding Road only replaces London Road, John Adams Way only replaces the Market Place, Strait Bargate, Wide Bargate route.

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