Traffic Congestion

The city and surrounding area suffers from severe traffic congestion.
The cause is a simple one all traffic needs to use the one main river crossing in the city namely
Greyfriars Bridge. A Bypass is the only viable answer . We all agree that electric vehicles, cycle to work and lift share are a necessary
future requirement but you need to sort out the traffic issues first then when that is complete future proof with the local eco proof needs. A bypass would generate better through transport links, better for visitors to the city as at present they are turning away as the thought of sitting in traffic for hours is negative for the city and it’s excellent facilities, it will improve the emergency response teams in getting to emergencies across the city with their service level
Agreements. A bye pass would improve pollution levels
Across the city as standing traffic would be vastly improved and better pedestrian provision could be provided as city traffic would be minimised.Easy fix

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