Some simple changes could be made to ease (not solve) the problem of traffic congestion in and aroud the town centre.
1, Removal of the pedestrian crossing at the end of the swing bridge, along with signposting for pedestrians to show you can walk to the station etc., on the north side of the bridge and under the flyover.
2, Make the junction at the east of the bridge from the port for buses only, traffic slowing to let cars in causes queuing back over the flyover. Traffic to be redirected to the B&Q roundabout.
3, Reinstate the footbridge over the road at Denton Island. Allow those who do not want to wait for the lights to change to cross anyway. The same could apply at Meeching Road.
4, Re-open the junction of Valley Road with Brighton Road (it was still possible to drive down there as late as the early 2000s!) to allow Valley residents to avoid becoming embrolied in the one-way system.
5, Make the Murray Avenue an entrance only from Brighton Road for eastbound traffic only.

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  1. A majority of the congestion in newhaven is people passing through newhaven to get to Peacehaven or Seaford.

    As Terry mentioned above creating a bypass road on the C7 road to peacehaven will aliviate a majority of the traffic.

    You could then also create one between the C7 and the A26 road that way if there is an accident there are alternative routes in place and newhaven doesn’t become and even bigger bottle neck.

  2. I agree there are to many pedestrian crossing around the town centre. Directing pedestrians under the bridge towards the train station causes problems as they will need somewhere safe to cross by the tracks. Also, it is currently flooded and last week it was at least a foot deep in water. Living on lewes Road I don’t have any problems getting on the road. I doubt i will be quicker down Murray and lawes or Evelyn. The new road required is from the back of peacehaven to piddinghoe or somewhere on the c7.

  3. Some great ideas, which may or may not work! But probably worth a try as long as the costs are not too much. (Definitely the footbridges, I hate waiting for the pedestrian crossing lights to change!)

    I would also suggest changing the signage which currently directs ferry passengers coming from the town on North Way heading for the port, to go over the flyover and around the B&Q roundabout, then back over the level crossing. This is quite pointless! They should be directed to take a left immediately after the swing bridge and head down under the flyover.

    Could some mirrors be installed to improve safety in the underpasses perhaps? They’d have to be pretty sturdy to withstand possible vandalism though!

    Another suggestion, maybe make Hoathdown Avenue into a link road to Peacehaven from the C7?

    The B&Q roundabout needs ‘guidelines’ for traffic as some drivers use the left lane of Drove Road and then try to cut in to go over the flyover. Gudelines would direct them where they are supposed to go!

    A ‘Keep Clear’ for traffic exiting the B&Q/Halfords estate to allow those heading east to get out of the junction.

    Finally, could the turn lane for Bridge Street at the North Way junction be made into a phycially designated lane – maybe unitlising the grass verge there – to stop people using this lane to try to jump the queue in order to join South Way. I’ve had several near misses here as some drivers seem to think they don’t need to give way to traffic coming over the bridge.

  4. 1. Yes we do need to remove some pedestrian crossings as there too many around the one way system. People aren’t going to walk across the bridge under the flyover and across the bridge again. Westbound I would suggest the crossing at Bridge Street is removed. As you have the option to walk up to the crossing by the old police station, or use the underpass.
    2. By directing the traffic to the B&Q roundabout its just moving the build up of traffic back towards Seaford or Denton.
    3.Great idea
    4. Is this along the ‘dirt track’? If yes this would direct traffic along passed Breakwater School a potential accident hotspot.
    The track has also been blocked by the new building works.
    Are you therefore suggesting traffic be directed through the new estate being built by Guinness Trust or directed down The Fairway which is an un-adopted road; who would you permission from?
    Either option would still create a problem trying to get onto the Brighton Road.
    5. Its very difficult to pass another car on the two roads going up to Murray due to parking, you’d have to make each road one way. By directing the traffic along Murray and down one, other or both there a possibility of this becoming a “rat run”.

    Options 4 and 5 potentially affected residents must be consulted, as there are noise, pollution etc issues as well to consider.

    Im really sorry I couldn’t be more positive and am well aware that something needs to be done to improve the traffic flow.
    Maybe putting a hold on any more new residential buildings being built (allow conversions to continue ie old police station, coop etc) until we have a better idea how to improve.

    1. Why woud people not walk on the north side of the bridge and under the flyover if they’re heading to the station, Lidl, etc? I do it every time I cross the river. The crossings at Bridge Street and Denton Island allow you to cross without the need to cross the bridge twice.

      By ending the queue-jumping at the bridge junction the traffic would flow more easily therefore the build up of traffic at the B&Q roudabout should be less. It’s not going to solve the problem but would likely ease it.

      Traffic passes by many schools on a regular basis without issue, perhaps a 20mph limit and traffic calming could be used. The old Valley Road has been taken into the development site, however it is understood that it will be returned once they’ve finished and will form the boundary of the new estate. Either it could be used or perhaps the intital stretch of The Fairway needs to be adopted for this purpose. There’s been calls for a roundabout at The Fairway/Brighton Rd, maybe this is the time to do it, especially with these new houses.

      Opening Murray Avenue to left turns only from Brighton Rd would not create a ratrun, nobody is going to want to drive this extra stretch only to join another queue in Lewes Rd just to get back onto the one-way system. It would however allow residents in the Avenues, Lewes Rd, Elphick Rd and some of the Valley to avoid joining the queues on the one-way system, therefore reducing the cars on it.

      Youre right, something does need to be done but unfortunately nobody is coming up with any better ideas on how to improve traffic flow. People have been moaning about this for a couple of decades now and nothing has changed. We can go on complaining and wondering what we can do or we can try some things and see what happens, maybe on a temporary trial basis.

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