Traffic Pollution and traffic congestion

Without any knowledge of lock gates, river levels and all the other complications. But would certainly serve all the requirements needed to qualify for funding, would be, park and boat ride from the Great Northern Terrace area. This could be a great tourist attraction, possibly attracting private investment , removing traffic and pollution from the residents’ street. It might also be possible to use boats on the river to take a lot of the commercial traffic that currently use the roads to get to and from the Great Northern Terrace Industrial Estate often stacked up for hours throughout the day at the railway crossing gates. This might be all too simplistic, as I say I know nothing about Lincolns’ waterways. But a boat that could take one directly from the new Eastern By-Pass directly to the Waterside Shopping Centre would be something that can’t be bought on Amazon.

I’m sure the waterways and were part of Lincoln’s assets during its industrial days. They may be a asset again now

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