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  1. The railway line from Scarborough to Whitby and on to the Boulby mine near Staithes, (which was closed by Dr Beeching in the 1960’s) should be reinstated using the “cinder track” for the purpose for which it was built. This link would complete the Yorkshire coast rail line from Hull to Middlesbrough benefitting all the seaside towns along the way. Greater flexibility could be provided by a mix of light rail and heavy rail using the track, and trains could be powered by green energy using battery or hydrogen.

  2. This would definitely make sense if it was possible as York is a major centre for trains from all directions of the country. Wouldn’t want the cinder path used though as this is a huge attraction for walkers and cyclists all down the coast.

  3. Other than the heritage railway line to Pickering I’m afraid the only other track is the one to Middlesbrough. It seems unlikely that the cinder track to Scarborough can ever be re laid with track so we’re stuck with that I think.

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