Tram lines and pedestrian zones

Hereford suffers from congestion as 93% of journeys made either start or/and terminate in the city. There is no decent public transport to offer an alternative, and for years residents have been blaming HGVs, surveyed to be to 7% of traffic, for the congestion.
Rather than blaming freight (though electrifying regional railways would be considerably more useful to the country than HS2) what Hereford needs a real alternative to the car: bikes, trams and in the short term buses. additional river crossing for either tram or bikes of both and the reinstatement of all the closed branch lines as trams would make a huge difference, and the lorries would be able to move more freely too. Air pollution is killing this country and more roads (previous council’s solution) won’t solve the problem. We need bold thinking and risk taking to emulate places like Freiburg ad Groningen, and deliver real improvements that break the business as usual pollution mould.

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