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The Trams linking Stapleford to Beeston, Chilwell and beyond, are brilliant. The problem, is getting to the terminus, near Bardill’s Garden Centre, from Stapleford. If you haven’t got a car you’re stuck. If you want to go to Beeston in the evening, or people from Beeston want to come to Stapleford, the only way is to walk along Toton Lane!
We need a shuttle bus to pick people up at a few stops around Stapleford, from the Centre and take people up to the terminus and bring people back down.
This needs to be throughout the day AND evening until the last Tram has come back.
More people would use the Tram and we may get more people coming to Stapleford if we had this facility.
Stapleford has a lot to offer in the evenings with pubs, clubs and restaurants so extra customers would be very welcome.

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  1. the 510 bus that travels through stapleford is always nearly empty. Could you not a stop for this bus route to incorporate the tram stop?

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