Tram links with Manchester

Reduce congestion by moving our public transport forward. Create a tram network that links in to Manchester’s Irlam tram system and Liverpool if they have them. Manchester teams run well, are low priced and reduced the number of vehicles on the roads.

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13 comments on “Tram links with Manchester

  1. This was the first thing I could think of…. A tram link to media city would be relatively short even if it only started from birchwood for starters…

    I’m a regular car driver and was an occasional train user into Manchester (have stopped using the train since northern took over from trans pennine).

    I’ve endured the years of road works from birchwood right down to regent Road so an additional mode of transport would be welcome..

    Great idea glad others are supportive

  2. I agree and definitely I will vote for this idea. Train links are struggled last time. If its any option to improve communication to Manchester and Liverpool it will be great opportunity to develop our town.

  3. Totally agree, I use the M62 every day to get to Salford Quays but would happily use public transport if the links were better

  4. Agree here… Manchester teams are expanding each year and are a great service for the area, by expanding a service that allows Warrington to get connected to these cities would be good for the community and allow expansion of the outlying towns to develop housing for commuters

  5. A tram link and integration into Warrington and surrounding areas would be fantastic. Utilising existing and disused rail links and re-laying of a tram network covering key local routes.

  6. This is a brilliant idea as long as they are reasonably priced. The buses and trains are unreliable and expensive. This would make day trips so much easier and would make a commute to work better if they are run better than the buses and trains

  7. Agreed about
    Tram links with Manchester & Liverpool – good suggestion – will promote jobs and business between us also – D

    1. I completely agree with this suggestion. The public transport system need to run earlier and later than their current times especially at weekends and to the airports – so to link up with the existing tram system would be ideal.

      One system of paying for travel too would be advantageous- zones like the trams rather than stops. To allow more people to use public transport the prices need to be reduced (like the European model – public transport is so inexpensive and rubs day and night).

      For clarity – as yet irlam doesn’t have a tram running there.

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