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  1. I think a tram from Toton to long Eaton, and on to East Midlands airport, with a stop at the fields farm estate and possible Sawley would be a really good idea. It has been suggested as part of the HS2 connectivity plans, but has gone quiet.
    It would help our town benefit from HS2 and cur down traffic on our roads, and help people get to work at the airport. We should campaign for it, but even if we spent our whole 25 Million budget we wouldn’t get it. in the mean time we need bus route from Sawley, to the Toton tram stop, via the Fields farm Estate. Field Farm have no buses at the moment and workers need a bus to get to the hub to build HS2.

  2. A shuttle bus service would be cheaper & make it easier to use the tram from long eaton but obviously trent barton would hate this as they have a monopoly at the moment

  3. A fast tram link into Nottingham and into Derby would really boost the long Eaton area, especially if HS2 happens as the Sawley train link to Derby will be doubled or more in time

  4. I travel too and from university in Nottingham via bus. Not only is it becoming costly but it can take over an hour and a half due to traffic and with the A52 issues I have to set off at 6:50 now and won’t get back till 8pm on a 6pm finish. If the tram ran through things would be excellent. I live nowhere near the train station so the extra option of the tram would be great. Beeston has 3 travel options so I think Long Eaton is in desperate need of this also.

  5. The tram is meant to have a station next to the hs2 hub. Better to link long Eaton and samdiacre areas with a footpath?

  6. The flow of traffic around the two islands at the Green needs to be reviewed and the positioning of 5 sets of pedestrian lights from the Green to Trent College should be reconsidered. Rush hour traffic calming could alleviate current gridlock and reduce exhaust pollution from traffic jams. A better traffic system and appropriate pedestrian crossing access deserves funding.

  7. Long Eaton (LE) has decent east-west public transport (Nott’m-LE-Derby buses, Nott’m-Sawley-Derby trains). Extending the tram into LE would improve this further.

    In the context of
    https://www.emcouncils.gov.uk/write/East_Midlands_HS2_Growth_Strategy_-_September_2017.pdf , Toton Strategic Location for Growth (TSLFG), and redevelopment at Ratcliffe power-station, there’s also the question of north-south connectivity within the growth area (Ilkeston-Stanton-TSLFG-LE-Ratcliffe).

    There will be new “classic rail” links between the HS2 station and Ilkeston, Derby, Nott’m & East Midlands Parkway (for Ratcliffe). These services might all go through LE’s town-centre without benefitting LE!

    So – as well as the question of whether the tram should be extended to LE – there are questions about whether:
    * LE’s town-centre should have a new train station (e.g. on Station Street)
    * “classic rail” services between the HS2 station and Derby/Nott’m/Ratcliffe should stop at a station in LE’s town-centre.

  8. Whilst i think everyone understands that simply extending the tram network to Long Eaton would be a costly venture and not a quick solution. However, i live at the Sandiacre end of Long Eaton next to the canal and river erewash. We would only be a 20 minute walk from the tram if it were not for the fact that there is no pedestrian bridge over the sidings unless you walk all the way down to Asda and back up the other side of the sidings which isnt really feasable. If there were a bridge (and a shorter footpath) then the tram would be accessable to all of the houses on the Bennet Street / Welbeck Road area without using a car. This for us at the moment kind of defeats the point of the tram, if we travel to Beeston or Chilwell we have to drove to the tram station so might as well drive all the way. So, if you could pop us a foot bridge in that would be smashing. Thanks

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