Transition Bournemouth

Invest the money into Transition Bournemouth and all of its schemes. Likewise community projects that manage our Commons e.g. allotments, guerilla gardening etc.
Anything that increases community/ commons capability/ capacity that regenerates the town and increases resilience against future disasters.
Invest in upskilling the community through repair cafes and free short courses in basic skills such as sewing, cooking, repair.
Most importantly invest in permanent public spaces where the above activities can be run/ managed from.
Ensure that anyone can have their needs met as per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. By providing the above. Even if only on a small scale.

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2 comments on “Transition Bournemouth

  1. I started a small independent service supporting individuals with aspergers, learning difficulties, complex emotional and behavioural needs, emotional / previous trauma, and more. We specialise and have tailored a service for young adults as an individualised programme developing life skills and promoting independence in a way no other service does.

    It’s a huge need and yet the local funding is limited and services lacking to meet the needs. We’ve mad amazing progress with many of our clients and have really good relationships with our Local Authorities’ Adult Social Care.

    This is definitely something to be aware of and which needs the communities support. Through our service, The Senses Project, our clients are able to give back to the local area and even access work.

    This is less a bit for funding but awareness and support as we grow to make it possible for our service to act as an example and flagship for moving adult social support forward.

    Thank you for reading.

  2. From boscombe The area out side off the shopping centre were sometimes have open market if was covering the top from roof to rooftop to be like Camden Town style to have an eclectic mix of markets, cuisines and live music venues . More faster to connects and integrates with Pokesdown and southbourne. Bring Camden Town model to boscombe was good ideia ones got a strong intellect bar Chaplin ready. shopping Lock Market . Out market Lock Village. Boscpoke Market. Pokes Street Market. Electric Sobo jazz blues.

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