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  1. Sports facilities for juniors and adults. The Cheadle area is lacking community-use facilities, particularly safe and good quality football pitches.

  2. Totally agree, getting to East didsbury in rush hour is horrendous. extend the line nearer to cheadle village to ease congestion.

  3. Bring back the 130 bus which comes from Macclesfield through Wilmslow etc and Cheadle to Manchester. It only travels to handforth since Jan 20 and cuts us off from Cheshire now.
    Bring back high street banking in our area. 0 banks in Cheadle Hulme now! X

  4. Cheadle Hulme Precinct ! It’s so 70’s we need modern coffee shops to rival Costa! It’s a great village.. oh and modernising Cheadle Hulme train station

  5. 1: Tram link
    2: Parking issues
    3: Cyclists lane
    4: Kids software/web development learning centre
    5: Outdoor Gym equipment in local Parks
    6: Increase play areas size and better playing facilities in local parks.

  6. Safe pedestrian crossing on turves road junction of Cheadle road. Considering the new schools in the area the children should be able to get there safely

  7. Train station on the Stockport-Altrincham line.

    Roscoe’s roundabout anti-clockwise motorway entrance onto M60.

    Demolish ugly telephone exchange building on high street.

    1. Agree. Transport through the town centre is a nightmare. Parts of the high street desperately outdated like the telephone exchange and post-office building.

  8. A spur link to the Didsbury tram line would perhaps help congestion?

    I think there is a growing youth problem, some facilities for teens could help?
    A lot of motorcycles, scooters and quads owned by youths and no appropriate supervision of this type of activity is apparent.
    I love motorcycles myself, but we were introduced to them by sensible adults who had seen the injuries which can come about and the lives changed through it. If they could have some use of Bruntwood Park perhaps some safety lessons and trick riding techniques, it would maybe discourage the use of them on the highway? If the lads/lasses can see their driving licence is important for their future it would maybe discourage any improper activities.

  9. I agree a tram or train link would be great but not sure if possible. How about we restore the buses to how they were 10ish years ago? The 42B is infrequent, unreliable and needs to be available for longer hours.

    Formerly the 157, the 42B ran from early morning, every 20 minutes until around midnight and was brilliant. Because of the now poor service it not only affects commuters etc, but people in the Cheadle area (especially younger people) now avoid the night time entertainment industry such as gigs etc because it is almost impossible to get back to Cheadle within an hour or so, on one service, via Public Transport after 9pm.

    Public Transport in and around the Cheadle area needs a drastic re-evaluation because it is not working for its residents and has been getting progressively worse for some time.

  10. Rail link is needed urgently. Public transport is poor. Ideas could be to extend East Didsbury tramlink to Cheadle.
    Better transport links to Manchester, Stockport & Manchester airport is urgent.
    Every resident in the area is too reliant on travelling by car.

  11. Lower business rates and rents on the high street so local businesses have a fighting chance. So many lovely places close as can’t keep up.

  12. I think in Cheadle need two things
    1- train or tram station and there is space available Cheadle village to going parrswood left side is after bridge.

    2- Cheadle to Cheadle heath Round about to M60 going exit and entre towards East side.

  13. 100% agreed that Cheadle needs a rail and or tram link to Manchester City.

    The rent in the village is also very high and has recently increased. Too many empty shops are seen and there are far too many charity shops. We need to encourage small businesses and enjoy the village as we once did.

  14. I totally agree with the previous comments: Cheadle is appallingly connected, given its location and size, and our public transport links to Manchester City Centre are gradually being eroded. A train/tram link is needed in the very near future to keep our village alive.

  15. I agree. Cheadle definitely needs better links. It has bottle neck traffic going through it.
    The shops sadly in the village are closing down. Shops that have been in the village for a long time. Dad that shop owners have their businesses they have worked tirelessly for.
    We definitely need more investment. Too many empty shops make a shell of the Cheadle once revered many years ago.

  16. I agree too. We already have an existing rail line running through the town so it should be relatively straightforward to reinstate the station. This would massively improve the traffic situation and make life easier for those without cars. Currently the last bus leaves Manchester for Cheadle (and in the other direction) at around 7pm. People who work beyond this time are unable to get home and socialising means expensive taxis home if you dare to stay out beyond 7pm. Trains tend to run until late. This would really give us options. We are a decent sized suburb and not the back of beyond. We need a station.

  17. There was plans to get cheadle on the tram on a line from stockport to altrincham – this would be useful. alternatively, a short extension from east didsbury to cheadle village would transform cheadle, cheadle hulme and probably some of stockport’s ability to get into the rest of manchester.

    Buses – the 42B is incredibly unreliable and aren’t frequent enough.

  18. Agreed. A rail / tram link is vital to cut traffic and directly connect Cheadle to the major economic hubs of Manchester city centre and the airport.

    Given there is money available though this scheme and the straightforward nature of the build, I hope this can be expedited. We need action and to avoid the years of endless feasibility studies we have been fobbed off with.

    We need it now, not in 2050. Let’s get it done!

    1. It doesn’t need a train link at all – there are stations within 15 minutes walking distance [Gatley & East Didsbury] plus a Metrolink. There is little or no car parking available in the village – a station will result in an increased parking issue in the village. Improved bus service to the existing stations would be better.
      The village needs lower rents and less charity shops .. and to stoop giving planning permission to takeaways

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