Local buses are shocking, don’t run where passengers want to go or late enough.

Why not run a circular weekend service that avoids the town centre to connect; Colchester Zoo, Tollgate Retail Park, Leisure World, Northern Gateway (when completed) with outer edges of the town. Customers prefer leisure on a weekend not just town centre shopping.

Why not run a weekday only service that connects the underutilised P&R site with Severalls Industrial Estate to attempt to alleviate rush hour traffic.

Build an actual usable bus station where buses can layover between trips. Not just glorified stops at the side of the road.

Convince operators to sign up to a Quality Bus Partnership scheme to provide even headway on common sections of route. The 8, 61, 65, 68 all take the same routing in th north of town but run at different frequencies.

Olympic Boulevard has a bus gate but no service has ever used it!

A consultation for locals to make suggestions and get all view would be ideal.

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