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  1. We need a good bus service, not just twice a week from Haverigg to Millom ,but a regular reliable service so that people can attend the doctors, go to cinema in Ulverston, or Barrow, travel up the coast to Silcroft and Whitehaven. A bus that would connect all thee various villages in this part of copeland. The Goverment gives us bus passes, but no subsidy for the buses.

  2. I agree, bus services are dreadful, especially for the elderly in the outlying villages who can’t/don’t drive or have access to a car – they are almost trapped in their homes unless they pay for a taxi. Things like visiting the doctor or food shopping takes a major plan for these people.

  3. bus service needs improving from haverigg to millom twice a week + only 1 bus is not enough also more facilities foe elderly

  4. Be fantastic to have bus service from Haverigg to Millom and to Ulverston (be even better if there was one that ran later in evening to allow people to visit cinema and events at Coronation Hall. Same bus go via Broughton. I appreciate the one that runs twice a week now from Haverigg to Millom.

  5. I have a senior’s bus pass, but there are no buses for me to use. A local, reliable service would be a real benefit, especially if running through the surrounding villages.

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