A move towards greener public transport provision. More separate cycle routes, not just on the sides of already busy roads. Long term plan could be along the lines of Peterborough’s Green Wheel – to encourage people to get out on their bikes (health & well being) but with links to the centre for commuting (reducing congestion)
Secure cycle storage, with showering/storage lockers facilities – similar to what was provided at South Kesteven DC. Locations could include in-town and at the hospital. Would need full and overt CCTV coverage of the cycle storage to prevent theft and enforcement.
Park and ride provision for the busiest commuter routes.
Reduce the access for cars in the Market Place – make the pedestrian sectioned-off area stretch across the whole width with access to the in-town bus only on a clearly marked route (using barriers similar to those off Ashton Hall Drive). Parking should be clearly marked and fully enforced.

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