transport and infrastructure improvements

the town centre should be focused around people.

removal of parking along wards end and widening of pavements – there are plenty of car parks within easy walking distance.

consider the potential of pedestrianising wards end and allowing two way traffic on granby st for access to the granby st car park.
add a pedestrian / toucan crossing linking the library to queen’s park and the museum.

more frequent busses or a free shuttle bus service between the town centre and the train station and improved cycle infrastructure between the train station and town centre plus better street lighting in this area.
currently the journey from the station to the town centre is not a very pleasant introduction to Loughborough.

add protected cycle infrastructure in and around the town centre from outlying roads to allow safer routes into the town centre – park road, forest road, Ashby road, derby road, Leicester road, Nottingham road.
potentially a contraflow cycle lane along wards end / granby st.

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7 comments on “transport and infrastructure improvements

  1. Pedestrianisation will close down what independent shops we have left.

    People like to drive to the shops, park outside and then spend money. The pedestrian only town centre is mostly made up of big chains or charity shops. In areas where you can drive and park there are locally owned businesses.

    Let people drive into and park in the town centre so they can actually get to the shops.

    1. Totally agree. The town centre changed for the worst when the pedestrianisation first started many years ago. Agree – let people drive into and park in the town centre so they can actually get to the shops. Good for older people who can still drive and helps with their independence.

  2. There needs to be improvements with the bus service. A more affordable transport service with multiple options for the surrounding villages needs to be available. The kinch bus 2 is the only bus from Barrow to Loughborough, regularly turning up late or not at all, leaving the elderly waiting outside for several hours.

  3. Increase traffic capacity on epinal way past the university. Maybe look at how to redirect traffic away from the epinal way entrance. You could maybe have two lanes in each direction with traffic islands and raised zebra crossings so the volume of traffic gets through without making it difficult to cross.

    Slow traffic entering the town so local traffic can get in and out. Getting out of Beaumont road onto ling road in the morning is difficult. Maybe you could look at softening the interface between traffic and pedestrians with raised crossings.

  4. The long-overdue dualling of Epinal Way (between Ashby Road and Park Road) should be completed. Epinal Way is on record as being one of the most congested roads in Leicestershire. The major housing development at Garendon Park and the Science and Enterprise park will generate many more vehicle trips along Epinal Way create severe traffic delays.

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