Transport electrification

There are currently two public charging points for electric cars in the town centre, one of which is generally broken. With the government introducing a ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrids from 2030, and a rapid uptake in EV ownership now happening, all towns and cities need to start investing in charging infrastructure.

Because of it’s proximity to the motorway, like Milton Keynes to the south, a strong and reliable charging infrastructure would make the town an attractive stop to national passing trade looking for a shopping / dining experience during longer journeys while their vehicle charges.

This technology is coming at pace and those towns that have invested will reap the rewards in coming years.

As a starter for ten, how about a western located park and ride with frequent electric busses running into the town centre via the university. Easily accessible from J23. Car parking spaces equipped with AC charging points and some fast DC charger

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2 comments on “Transport electrification

  1. The electric charging locations at the moment are poor. I think there should be more in each car park, and at least 8 in each one to avoid time-hogging.

  2. Hi, I can second this suggestion with adding another case figure. Like a lot of people in the UK and Loughborough, I live in a terraced house and it is then mostly impossible to own an electric car since it cannot be charged.
    It would be interesting to electrify the train station car park as a hub to Nottingham. It would be interesting to see how to partner with small businesses around town to host a charger or two on their car parks so residents around could plug their cars.
    This is an investment worth doing and that will rip direct benefits for the town in air quality, future proofing the infrastructure and generating new streams of revenue.

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