Transport Hub – residents and tourists

With the gorgeous train station at its heart Scarborough would benefit from an integrated transport hub helping to bring the public into the centre of Scarborough whilst allowing them to easily reach the tourist options around the borough through public transport. By purchasing the old COMET building on the corner of Westwood and the A165 we open up a great opportunity for a modern central transport hub. The COMET building could be demolished and connected with the existing station infrastructure. The unused areas of the station, the COMET site and the existing EYMS depot could be brought together under a new Scarborough Transport Hub branding allowing for integrated bus, rail and park and ride services. Dedicated platforms for each bus service with link services to the train station timed appropriately. Scarborough-centric tourist buses could also run out of the same hub allowing tourists to easily and safely find different areas of the borough to explore.

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3 comments on “Transport Hub – residents and tourists

  1. Needs a Station Masterplan developing taking in the whole area around the station it should not be done in bits and pieces.

  2. I believe the ‘Park & Ride’ system requires a radical review.
    From both locations the bus routes still have to pass through the worst bottle necks to reach the town centre. These bottle necks only serve to frustrate the motorists and bus passengers alike and we need to look at anyway to alleviate the situation.
    Users of the Park & Ride service need to know they are using a smooth running and efficient service and I don’t believe that is being stuck in traffic.
    There is an attractive alternative that would take people out of the traffic system altogether and that could be by using a rail shuttle service.
    A huge park and ride site could be located alongside the existing York rail line with a short branch line and open platform. The shuttle service could be on a continuous loop using two engines during peak periods of the season.
    This speedy service would by pass the traffic and deliver visitors into the heart of the town to link with the local services.
    The current thinking with the existing P&R’s is ‘do I really gain anything using the service?

  3. Sensible idea. The old Comet store is an eye-sore and has been for ages. It should be used differently, and like the idea of it being part of a transport hub that allows people to explore the wider borough.

    And I’ve always though the Comet building would make a good “alternative tourist information centre” too, and could become a place for directing people around the region to the outdoors activity (walking, surfing & cycling), arts & culture, and the extraordinary nature we have here. Even sharing the great photography that can be done here. Scarborough is a very photogenic town, and the town needs to do more to connect to the “Instagram generation” of tourists in my opinion because these are the people with money to spend when they’re here. Cheers, Paul

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