Transport hub

A transport hub on or nearby Kidsgrove train station utilising the current free car park on station road converting the small free car park to a small bus station where all visitors can conveniently catch a bus to anywhere in the potteries by changing bus routes slightly to accommodate the small bus station therefore reducing congestion and pollution on the nearby a50 and the avenue which are currently pollution hotspots
Considering the car park is supposed to be a short stay carpark it is currently used by people using the train station
Therefore when the train station is complete this should free up the carpark for re development into a small bus station
This would also be convenient for public transport users to be able to shop in all the nearby supermarkets and shops and the new lidl development
Public transport users would also be dropped off just across from the train station enabling people to use public transport
It would be a catalyst to the re development of the town centre

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