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I would dearly like to see the long-proposed improvement to all the roads leading to the Millom area, and more specifically to see a road and rail bridge across the Duddon. There is already a scheme which would produce electricity via a tidal barrier which could incorporate road/rail, and provide cheaper electricity at the same time. It’s been talked about for such a long time, isn’t it time a decision was made? More people would be able to access work opportunities, and more people would be able to access this glorious part of Cumbria. If that crossing also led on towards the proposed Morecambe Bay crossing, the world would really open up.

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5 comments on “transport links improvements

  1. Yes, please bring back this plan to bridge across and link up with Morecambe Bay planned links – a true ‘west coast line’. It would bring employment, improved infrastructure, and could even save lives if the journey time to hospital facilities was so much quicker. And also mean that people came through Millom rather than skimming across just above it on the A595.

  2. I totally agree with the above suggestions, Millom appears to have been forgotten in the grand scheme of things, the roads leading to Millom carry a huge volume of traffic including many HGV’s and the roads are suffering and neglected. A road bridge across the Duddon would open up the area, cut down travel time and hopefully bring new opportunities to the area, if also teamed with Morecambe Bay the opportunities would be so beneficial the the whole area.

  3. Infrastructure in and around the Millom area has been a requirement for a long time. This would allow businesses to grow and complete on a more level playing field. In the process of planning new roads cycle paths should be planned off the actual roads giving safety to all. Millom also deserves a Workington size swimming pool as it is a form of exercise all can partake in in is good for mental health and well being.

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