Better public transport links from outlying areas- especially Denshaw. Anyone who doesn’t drive is stranded and unable to get to/from work in the evenings or back from an evening out. To use the tram network people have to drive to Shaw or Newhey. A link bus from the villages to the tram would be very useful.

Also the cost of multiple companies running the buses that do operate is prohibitive to low earners and younger people. We have a real opportunity to enable the elderly and non-drivers to navigate as well as an opportunity to improve public transport links enabling commuters to ditch their cars.

Aside from transport, more facilities for vulnerable people are crucial. Enabling young people to meet in accessible places with safe and productive opportunities as well as enable older people and disabled people to be better connected to others.

Finally, more environmental investment- community tree planting, fruit alleys along the Delph – Donkey, community vegetable gardens etc

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9 comments on “Transportation

  1. Personally on transport I think transport should be made available throughout the night to get to city centre such as Manchester of an evening if you attend a venue for a show or gig or work through the night the only way to get back to a small town like oldham is a taxi and however that’s not affordable for many which then means younger people are forced to stay out the whole night drinking or out in the cold awaiting the first bus or tram which then isn’t comfortable for people who are on the way to work as there is roudy passangers on a tram at 7am on a Sunday morning

  2. I agree with the tram/bus comment. Why there are no regular bus services connecting the Saddleworth villages with the Shaw tram stop (with inclusive fares/ticketing) is a mystery to me. Anywhere else that would have been done and dusted by now.

  3. Look for ways to inspire young people to work and play together, such sports facilities and community activities.
    Build opportunities for people from different backgrounds, races and religions to find common ground and make connections.
    Support artistic and cultural activities and events, so that people can develop their creativity and enjoy life more.
    Value and protect the beautiful natural environment that surrounds us, bringing nature into schools, and getting children involved in working in the countryside.

  4. As a resident of Denshaw who doesn’t drive I completely agree with more public transport to and from the village!

    Also, the park in denshaw is in dire need of a revamp!

  5. How about people in Denshaw stop moaning, it is a small village in the sticks so no we shouldn’t be distributing large pots to serve an area which is small in numbers, hard to get to in certain conditions and one of the highest income per individual areas of the borough. If you choose to live there so be it…

  6. Please improve transport in Royton. There should be a better link to Metrolink stops into Manchester. Currently it costs me 10 pounds a day in an Uber to get to Westwood station and back, which I simply can’t afford. With a thriving Elk Mill and next door Oldham’s football grounds there should be better transport here. (More than anything it makes the area more green) It should be easier to get into the centre of Oldham too, it makes me want to not spend on the high street, go to the cinema or go to any of the nightlife.

  7. How about better transport links from Royton into Manchester? There are no direct buses into the city from Royton any more we have to take at least 2 via Oldham. And better access to metrolink services maybe a shuttle bus from Royton to Derker would help.

  8. Would be nice to have a tram stop in Royton. We have a railway pub and no railway. Feel like Royton is the forgotten part of Oldham.

    Also can we NOT give any money to Oldham Council to decide as they are the most bent and crooked group of people and will find a way to line their own pockets with anything that is given out.

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