Planting trees on all available sites in and around Glastonbury, from the High St, to the Abbey grounds, to the lower slopes of the Tor to the slopes of Wearyall Hill, with re-wilding of all sites. Lets become a green wild island again.

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11 comments on “Tree-planting

  1. This is the best idea on here, if we start by restoring nature responsibly, it will repair itself. Let’s start to help the problem!

  2. Trees, trees and more trees please! We’re on a flood plain and there are loads of green spaces that could be better utilised. Let’s get some trees and wildlife increasing in the area.

  3. I would suggest looking after the existing tree stock first…management of green spaces in Glastonbury is appalling .
    Then moving forward plant more trees /.

  4. How wonderful. Drought resistant, maybe even plum or cherry, nature’s gift. Wildlife patches will be a haven for our under siege insect life.

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