Truro, the town of 3 rivers with not one in any use!!!!

Yes, open up the piazza, like gunwarf key in Portsmouth. Lock off the river at Boscawen Park as first muted in 1926, then again with the Truro river development plan in the early nineties( defeated by the black tailed godwit). What an adventurous playground this would bring to the young. Create a cycle/ pedestrian way to Malpas and back. Get rid of the dreadful drummer boy and replace it with a miner/ fisherman/farmer. There are many first class examples of this heritage reflected in statues around the World.Open the Marina at the end of Newham. Truro could be a fantastic place to live and visit with these natural attractions available to both locals and visitors alike. All well worth the investment. Best of luck. Regards Martin and Sue Collenette

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