Turn off WiFi at night

Every house supplied with a free timer plug so they can plug their router into it and time it to switch off at night. This would save electricity and also enable better sleep as some research suggests radiation emitted by routers is affecting the oxygenation of red blood cells and thus the body’s ability to repair itself at night.

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8 comments on “Turn off WiFi at night

  1. Wifi has absolutely no effect on the human body, so stop repeating this nonsense. Anyone can call themselves a researcher. Glastonbury people who repeat this nonsense are giving our town a bad name. It’s looking more like a lunatic asylum, especially the 5G investigation. Also routers are very low power, so you won’t save anything. In fact it would cost you for the expense of a timer.

  2. I really think that people should be allowed to make their own decisions as to when and how they use their wifi. If people wish to switch off their wifi at night, that should be their choice and not something that we should be spending money on as a community.

  3. I don’t believe it’s bad for the body. Not a bad idea to switch off when not using, all the same. It does waste power as heat. Useful reminder to do that!

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