Turn the streetlights back on

Paramedics can’t see house numbers.
Half the town works in tourism until the small hours and can’t afford cars, so men and women alike are forced to walk home in the pitch-black in a place full of spice heads and drunks.
Tourists don’t feel safe visiting anymore.
Townspeople don’t feel safe. Those who have the means (the skilled/educated) tend to move away as soon as possible.
It is irresponsible to invest in other things when we don’t have basic services of a kind enjoyed since the 1500s – streetlights.

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2 comments on “Turn the streetlights back on

  1. I agree, if people don’t feel safe they need to be turned back on. I know in some areas they have been turned off, but it does need to be a case by case scenario. Perhaps there could be a long term plan of upgrading the street lights to solar power. Especially as other people are suggesting more variety of lighting. Lights are a big feature of holiday areas.

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