Underlying Principles #1 – History & Heritage

I think there are six underlying principles that should be used when developing the Regenerated Redditch plans. These are given in six posts to this site.
This is the first. They are not in any priority sequence.

1. • History & Heritage
The history of Redditch is unique. It is different from any other town in the UK. It is one of the features which will attract visitors and encourage them to spend time & money in the town. History is also what defines the town’s heritage, its culture. Its its DNA. Therefore, the History & Heritage of the town is important and should be a common theme linking the proposals. To this end the creation of a Heritage Plan for the town would be beneficial. against which all planning changes would be matched, thus ensuring we re-use and up cycle historic buildings rather than demolish them and ensure we record and present the heritage as part of the town’s visitor option.

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