Undiscovered Scarborough

The reason many people choose to live here is the quality of life. You don’t need to be earning much to enjoy wonderful gardens & wild areas, the beach, galleries & museums, an exciting live music scene… But so much of this is hidden. Solve this problem & you will suddenly find a much more vibrant town. With that reputation comes an increase in tourism & a better quality of life for all residents.

Scarborough needs a home-grown wayfaring system to highlight these places & events. One was piloted to great success a few years ago – thousands of free maps flew out of the leaflet racks in venues around town.

Harness that idea & expertise that we already have in the town, use local suppliers to build singage, install poster sites for gigs, concerts, walks, activities, perfromances, cinema, exhibitions etc so enybody can very quickly find out what is going on & how to get there.

We have a surprisingly vibrant town if you scratch the surface, we just need to shout about it.

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