Unlock Runcorn

Re-connection of the Bridgewater Canal with the Manchester Ship Canal, creating The Runcorn Ring, so as to promote the town centre economy and create an attraction for all. It could include a marina and visitors centre to provide employment and facilities for the town as a whole.

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4 comments on “Unlock Runcorn

  1. The restoration of the link would not only help to revitalise Runcorn by increased numbers of boats as a result of additional cruising routes but could help stimulate the creation of a link between the Middlewich branch of the Shropshire Union canal and the River Weaver. The multiple circular and figure of eight routes for boaters would be major boost to the economy of Cheshire as a whole.

  2. I support this project. Having operating waterways, and observing moving boats, is very good for generating a better feeling of Wellbeing.

  3. Runcorn is desperately in need of imaginative projects such as this to help rejuvenate both the environment and the local economy. It deserves the most whole-hearted support.

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