up-grade the HUB sculpture in the Workington Town Centre

Can you please consider the up-grade and refurbishment of the HUB Sculpture next to the cafe’s in the Washington Square Shopping centre. At this moment in time only 2 of the lamps that are sited around the circumference of the Hub are working. Enquiries have been made in the past, I believe, and it appears there are problems with the units themselves, not just the bulbs, and repairs if possible would be very costly. It was felf that a replacement LED lighting system would be advisable. The Hub is now a very recognisable feature of the town centre of Workington and looks really fantastic in any advertising magazine book poster etc.

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1 comment on “up-grade the HUB sculpture in the Workington Town Centre

  1. Get shot of it and replace with a proper clock type exhibit that clearly shows the time & maybe temperature / humidity!

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