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Eastbourne House is an existing Further Education learning centre providing over 100 local young people (aged 16 to 18) every year with access to training in: bricklaying; carpentry and joinery; painting and decorating; health & social care; hospitality & catering; and GCSEs in maths and English. With the right investment, the building could include new facilities to provide training in engineering, fabrication and welding and plumbing and heating engineering. The investment could modernise the existing 19th century building (and it’s surrounding workshops) by incorporating the latest green technologies (e.g. heat pumps, solar panels, LED lighting, multi-glazed windows etc.). It could be a model for how Victorian buildings can be brought into the twenty first century. It will provide a legacy for the young people of Sutton for decades to come, and will help them to learn new green technology and construction skills that will be in demand over the coming years.

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35 comments on “Upgrade Eastbourne House

  1. Eastbourne House has been an educational establishment for the majority of its life. For the last 40 years it has been an established training provision for vulnerable young people from the local area. It provides the young people with the skills required to overcome the socio-economic issues of the local area in a supportive and nurturing environment. To expand and upgrade this beautiful and functional building can only benefit more young people and have an economic impact on the area. To modernise a Victorian building and make it a beacon for the local area, bringing it into the 21st Century with new green technology has got to be a very worthy investment.

  2. Over the years, Eastbourne House has provided sound training for young people and adults. It has helped them develop individually and prepared them for their next step in life, whether that is further training or employment. Eastbourne House is in need of modernising and updating, therefore a refurbishment of the building and site would carry on the great training to the young people and adults for many years to come.

  3. I think this is a very worthy investment in the continued training for the future careers of young people. Practical skills based training alongside social education has long been the hallmark of the Eastboune Centre.

  4. Eastbourne House has provided excellent support for young people for whom mainstream provision is not appropriate. Without this often life changing support young people would not have been able to develop and access life opportunities and grow as individuals. Provision is scarce and therefore fantastic provisions such as Eastbourne House should be supported robustly and enthusiastically, to permit them to continue and develop their vital programmes for generations to come. Without Eastbourne House’s development the locality would be seriously impoverished and their significant contribution to the community inhibited.

  5. I have visited Eastbourne House and seen the wonderful work that is done with young people from the local area. However, the premises are in need of refurbishment and updating. It would be great if the young people who use the centre could benefit from improvements to the environment they learn in.

  6. Eastbourne House is an essential service for young people and community alike. Provision is very much at a premium in the area and Eastbourne House is an extremely valuable commodity, providing much sought after vocational and life skills so that young people are able to make the necessary steps forward in order to pursue their long term goals and improve on their own employability and personal lives. There are so many young people that are not ready or able to access the mainstream colleges due to so many reasons, including poor mental health, and without this service the lack of opportunity would prevent so many young people in the area from accessing suitable provision and bespoke support in an environment which is conducive to their needs.

  7. This would be a fantastic boost to the vocational provision for young people in the area. I know it would be very well used!

  8. This building has provided excellent education opportunities for local young people for decades. Lets increase the educational opportunities they are able to provide and make sound investments in future generations.

  9. Eastbourne house would benefit hugely from this if it was to go ahead. For many years many young people have been given the opportunity to engage in education in where they feel comfortable and safe. There would be so many benefits of this if it was to go ahead. It is important to keep attracting more learners to our courses as it is a way of giving them an opportunity to succeed and go far.

    It is important we invest in our young peoples futures.

  10. Eastbourne House has for years given great service to local young people through the quality training delivered there by a team of passionate people. I have supported students into and out of the centre on their learning journey. Eastbourne House deserves some special treatment to enable it to go on for many more years being a safe and happy place for young people who are about to step out into the world. My job would be so much more difficult without this amazing provision. Invest in our future.

  11. We need to invest in our young people and particularly our vulnerable young people who may not be able to access courses further afield. Training our next generation of tradespeople is essential to the future financial success of the area and the country. Furthermore this is such a lovely building it would be a shame to see it go or become an eyesore. I would hope that the local community would also benefit maybe by having local courses?

  12. This building has been around for decades and it would be a shame to let it go to rack and ruin. Passing it over the weekend, front the outside looks as though it needs so TLC. Not been in it for years but I am sure it will need modernising. Lets do this! The community needs an uplift from the outside and it will also allow the fantastic work which goes on inside to continue for many years.

  13. Eastbourne House is a much needed provision for young people to develop their skills in a range of subjects but is in need of investment to modernise and continue to provide an invaluable service.

  14. Eastbourne House is an ideal learning environment for some young learners who prefer or require a smaller, supportive style of learning and serves the local community well in developing practical skills. However the building requires some refurbishment to continue to provide this excellent community service.

  15. Eastbourne House is a much needed provision in the local area providing support for young people who would find it challenging going in to a large college environment. They provide bespoke learning to many of the young people I have worked with over the years with great success. Many of the students have gone on to successful higher learning, apprenticeships and/or work. I feel this is a vital provision providing holistic support for those learners who may need extra support and encouragement.

  16. Eastbourne Centre has long been a place of learning for many many years, well before it became an essential service providing learning to 14 – 19 year old’s who need this this kind of provision to help them achieve greater things. The surrounding community has benefited from this service since about 1997 if memory serves me right, where young people who were failing in mainstream education have gone on to Further Training, Apprenticeships or Employment as a direct result of the support given by the staff at Eastbourne Centre. The buildings are in desperate need of renovation so that learning of the highest standards can be delivered there for many years to come, and the surrounding communities can continue to benefit from from this very important service.

  17. As a local employee in Construction I would like to support the refurbishment of Eastbourne House. There’s going to be a skills shortage in the Construction trades; we therefore need to get young people interested in this type of work. To do that there needs to be a “state of the art” and “cool” place to go to undertake training.

  18. Eastbourne House is known county-wide for providing a sound, safe, quality and professional educational service for young people.
    The tutors provide young people with excellent learning. If the building was improved/ modernised and made as good as the staff. The services provided in Ashfield by Inspire would be outstanding, meeting the needs of even more young people for the coming years.

  19. This sounds like an excellent opportunity for investment and much needed in the area. The use of green technologies is a breath of fresh air, the planet needs all the help that it can get, in these modern times, and educating others on their use and importance can only be a good thing.

  20. Eastbourne House is a place that I have used before and plan to use again in the future. Investment in this building would not only help me but I’m sure help a lot of other young people that need this place to move on to the next stage of their lives.

  21. Eastbourne house is part of the heritage of Sutton people and has been a school for many years. I went there in the 1980’s. It still has many young people in attendance that are vulnerable. It is a great idea to make this house into a modern building embracing new technology. It could set a leading example to the young people showing them how buildings can be run more efficiently.

  22. Eastbourne House is a fantastic local education facility, providing many local young people and adults with relevant vocational skills, who otherwise would struggle to access formal education. I like the idea that more young people would be able to access a wider range of relevant training, increasing the area’s skills and raising aspirations within the community. The building is starting to become a little dated and is in need of some investment, such as the ideas provided in the original post.

  23. Eastbourne House is a well known and well established educational facility. Providing a range of courses and skills for young people to enable their growth, aspiration and development. This valuable service provides a safe, supportive and forward thinking environment, and with a high rate of achievement is much needed in the area. Additional funding to modernise the building and develop services further would improve not only the prospects, but the health and well being of its users. Investment in Eastbourne House would be an extremely sound one for Ashfield.

  24. Inspire Learning offers the young people at Eastbourne House opportunities and life skills which help develop their futures, all this needs investment and upgrade to move with the times and keep this programme on offer for future young people and generations in our community.

  25. Eastbourne House has been an education establishment for the majority of its life, and now it needs investment to extend its potential to the young people and the Ashfield Community to enhance their skills and employability for many more years to come.

  26. Eastbourne House offers a great potential for young learners to come back to re-visit and develop their education which assists with employability skills. Eastbourne House assists with young learners offering them a nurturing environment to learn in and helping them feel less isolated with regards education, health and their wellbeing. An investment into buildings upgrading the facilities which in return invests in the young learner and opens up a wonderful potential for their future. This investment would offer Sutton in Ashfield and surrounding areas a wonderful place to have as an alternative to explore.

  27. Anyone living in Sutton in Ashfield knows Eastbourne House on Station Road.
    The older generation know it as an educational facility that has been there decades in one form or another. The younger generation know it as a place with opportunities to learn, have fun and achieve their potential.
    To be able to bring this inspirational building and place of learning into the 21st century by modernising the facilities would be a sensible and ethical investment for the community of Ashfield and surrounding areas for the next generations to come.

  28. I think this is a fantastic idea. It will benefit the community in so many way. By engaging the young people of Ashfield, who may not otherwise be engaging & providing them with essential skills, which will allow them to contribute back to society & take pride in themselves & their work. The tutors at EBH are fantastic with young people & not only teach them valuable vocational skills but also enhance their personal & social development to give them the confidence in life to move forward & be a valuable member of society. To expand this site would mean the ability to help more young people to lead fulfilling lives & benefit Ashfield in general.

  29. Eastbourne House offers a safe and nurturing environment for young people in the area who require a smaller, supportive and enabling place to grow and learn. An investment in this building to upgrade it’s facilities, is an investment in these young peoples lives and the families of Ashfield. In addition Eastbourne House has great potential for adult learners to come back into education and develop their employability skills, feel less isolated, and improve their health and wellbeing. The building is in need of development for this to take place, and offer the community a local venue to explore these activities.

  30. Young people who learn with Inspire are proud of their learning; it would be a great investment to give them a building – their building, their corner of Sutton in Ashfield – in which they can feel equally proud. The building is, additionally, an educational resource for people of all ages in Sutton in Ashfield. With some investment in the building Inspire would be in a position to extend the learning offer for adults, creating a well-situated community education centre the people of Sutton could call home for their learning needs.

  31. Eastbourne House is a beautiful building that is in great need of some care and attention. It really would be a shame to lose such a historic setting. Eastbourne is a hive of activity for young people, and a safe haven, for those who may otherwise disengage with education, training and employment. The vocational programmes on offer are popular with young people, but, the facilities need improving. There are some great success stories from young people who have used this facility. Please support this; Ashfield needs it!

  32. The training provision which operates out of Eastbourne House is an essential part of the Ashfield and surrounding community. It enables the young people who are not ready for the vastness of the larger colleges to be able to gain skills in a variety of different skill sets whilst at the same time improve their maths and English skills and develop their social skills. An investment in Eastbourne house will also be an investment in the community and the next generation of our workforce.

  33. Eastbourne House really needs this if it is to continue to support young people in the community that found school difficult; it provides second chance opportunities for young people to do well. It’s a fantastic place for young people who need a lot of extra support: educational, special educational and pastoral. Eastbourne house catches all the fish that fell through the net and supports young people into work and further education; it is perfectly situated to support deprived communities and needs to continue to do so for years to come.
    This is a historical building, so updates in such as heating and toilets would first make it run more efficiently. There are opportunities to expand the construction workshops so that more learners can attend. It would also mean that progression to higher level courses could be offered with more classroom/workshop space.
    It would be fantastic if ramps could be installed to make the site more accessible for learners with physical disabilities.

  34. Eastbourne House is an invaluable community resource for the people of Ashfield and beyond. Year upon year, scores of young people, who would otherwise be sat at home or walking the streets, are able to access vocational, employability and life skills that enable them to move forward with their lives.
    Investment in Eastbourne House is an investment in the lives of young people for years to come. Without this resource, the lives of many young people would undoubtedly be harder and less enriched, and the community itself would be poorer.

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