Upgrade Richmond Park

The Friends of Carbis Bay group are trying to regenerate and upgrade the Richmond Gardens park in Carbis Bay.
There are plans to upgrade the play equipment to make it more inclusive for all age groups, a community planting scheme, an outdoor gym area and family picnic area.
This will be a huge hotspot for local residents to meet and utilise their time outdoor within their own community for once. It will offer space for families, young people, old people, dog owners and school and nurseries

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1 comment on “Upgrade Richmond Park

  1. I live near Richmond Gardens and it is a beautiful spot though under used in my opinion. Recently I have thought how wonderful it would be if part of this park was planted up with trees and “re-wilded”. There is plenty of flat green grass for dogs to enjoy and the children’s play area is very well equipped and there is still lots of space for an area of native wild plants and trees. I would be very happy to help with this project if it goes ahead. These days I think people are far more in favour of helping nature and wild life. So worthwhile!

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