Upgrade the bus station and train station links

The bus station is currently run down and attracts anti social behaviour. It’s a poor first impression to visitors , and unpleasant to use for locals. A nicer walk from there to the train station would also help.

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16 comments on “Upgrade the bus station and train station links

  1. An integrated transport system with combined train and bus and shuttle all in one place.
    A new shopping centre around the vancouver centre with easy access.
    Secure shopping centre, free from intolerance and hostility.

  2. It is very upsetting having to wait for a bus at kings lynn station, smoking,abusive language setting fire to there handle bars on there bikes.
    That’s what puts us off coming into kings Lynn

  3. Multiplex Cinema on the out skirts of town with a large parking would be a good one.with some drive through places like kfc Mc Donald’s etc.

  4. The ferry service is and has been on numerous times, been under threat of closure. It helps to keep cars out of the town centre thus helping congestion problems. It serves not only west lynn, which is part of Kings lynn but often forgotten, but the surrounding villages. Could this have some funding to guarantee its future and some better car parking facilities.

  5. A multi plex cinema out of town with good disabled access unlike the one in Town. Eateries and other leisure activities. Swimming Pool with full gym facilities. Ice skating/roller skating/ trampoline activities/dry ski slope.

  6. We need Better and quicker train services to and from London, and we need less delays along the lines.

    We also need better road links to Norfolk and Wisbech, the are often very congested.. especially on a sunny day when ‘everyone from everywhere’ are heading to the beach. Perhaps drive-on trains for along the Norfolk coast ??

  7. It would be really good if we could have a leisure pool, the size of the town now warrants a bigger better pool. Instead of having to travel for something decent

  8. There may be poor behaviour at the bus station but as soon as something new comes in they will just trash it again it don’t matter what it looks like it’s how the local police or street rangers deal with it and by the looks of things nothings changed it’s just got worse

    1. We definitely do an out door one aswell with slides people would come from miles as there isn’t a decent one for miles

  9. The roads could do with a massive overhaul, this last two years has seen a massive increase in damaged roads around kings lynn. I myself have spent out thousands due to pot holes killing tires and suspension components it’s silly now it’s needs to be addressed

  10. Anti social behaviour will always be prevelant in the bus station due to the lack of things to do for teenagers. However a nicer walk between the two links could make for a much more pleasant experience

  11. I moved here from Leicester so it was a big shock for me. Kings lynn has the potential to be such an amazing place, with the location and history of the town. I think better links to other places in the uk is a good place to start. Please could you consider a better night life and a clean up of the city itself.

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