Upmarket bars

I’d like to see more upmarket and well managed bars and restaurants, as well as smoking being managed around the Kingfisher Shopping Centre.

When you leave the Shopping Centre all you can smell is smoke and all you can see are cigarette ends on the ground.

Alongside this if the space by the Church and the surrounding areas could be utilised for more upmarket bars and pubs people wouldn’t have to travel to Bromsgrove or Birmingham to enjoy themselves.

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6 comments on “Upmarket bars

  1. Redditch wages still lag behind average national wages or even compared to those of surounding towns.

    To achieve this aspirational up market environment you need to attract businesses and higher spenders which are the higher earners.

    New developments in the area provide many low cost and social housing units and cramped into small plots.

    These don’t attract your higher earners.

  2. Redditch Borough Council’s lack of enforcement: proper street wardens are needed to deal with littering including dropping of cigarette butts. These wardens should be employed 24/7 – not just 9 am to 5 pm.

  3. Totally agree with this. Would be great to have a sheme/programme to help for new restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment places have a chance to plant in a town centre to make it more live and attractive not only for locals but for people from around comming to enjoy it and not people from redditch having to go to Bromsgrove and Birmingham.

  4. I agree….but we also need to fill all the empty shops. Perhaps some of the money could be used to offer cheaper rent/rates to potential retailers. The town has gone steadily downhill since the closure of some of the better shops. A lot of my friends are scared to go into town at night, perhaps more upmarket leisure would help.

  5. Totally agree with this comment. Puts me off using the public transport or I’ll walk another way round to the train station because of the smoking areas and the type of people hanging around using the bus station as a hang out zone. If it’s your first time coming to redditch the bus station and that area is the first thing to notice and see.

    I also agree with the comment about wouldn’t have to go to bromsgrove or Birmingham as everything is so close together in those areas and on the same road especially in bromsgrove but unfortunately I can’t vision that in redditch due to the type of people who would end up ruining nice things and causing trouble

  6. Agree totally with this statement. We have to accept that the nature of shopping is changing rapidly to online platforms. The leisure/food and drink industry is a growth sector, it creates jobs and boosts the local economy by encouraging residents to remain in the area and spend cash, along with attracting visitors from outside Redditch.

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