UTC Building and Town Centre

Newhaven could be the perfect place to stay for anyone travelling across from Dieppe on the ferry if we had the right facilities. The UTC building would make a great shopping centre and/ or hotel. The Town Centre needs as much help as it can get, sort out the old co-op building or actually start building what was suggested (the hotel, health hub and better retail units).

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10 comments on “UTC Building and Town Centre

  1. If the second (third?) attempt to open the UTC as an educational establishment fails then alternatives should be considered.
    There’s lost of talk about a hotel being built in the town centre, and another one at East Side by the Harbour Station, perhaps the UTC building would be best served as a hotel as it’s right beside the station, the port and the town centre.

    As for the old Co-Op building, if another supermarket can’t be persuaded to open there (apparently ALDI are looking for sites?) then maybe it also needs repurposing, or better still demolishing – along with the carpark – and a proper ‘square’ established with smaller shops and parking above rather than beside as this wastes potential retail space.

  2. Convert the building into a Hospitality Training Hotel, potentially named something like : “Academy Bankside” or “The Gateway”or “The Riverside Townhouse”,
    or any other selected name. Essential to give a focus of where and what the main core of image projection maybe visualised by the passing and enquiring public.
    A Hospitality training Hotel,giving the people skills to come into the industry covering all aspects of the day to day operations including Management,Administration,Front of House,Housekeeping, Catering,Dining and breakfast staff,Event and Conference promotion management and operations,local tourism operations and Hotel Maintenance staff.
    The training to form a certified or apprentice type course, working along side engaged professionals actually involved in the day to day running , who assess and tutor the trainees. Part of the attached building would be ideal as a dedicated zone for initial training in practical and theory study.
    There could be a internal hotel staff supply agency hiring out more advanced trainees to regional hotels for functions or as temporary replacements and thus giving those people broader work experience.
    By having paying guests it would be somewhat self funding and possibly some training fee or grant paid by the participants. This fulfils the desire to continue the original development to be a training facility, of which there is no other establishment encompassing the complete hotel hospitality package in England,possibly the UK..
    The location is placed ideally to be seen by every person in connecting public transport and passing traffic. The Channel Ferry arrivals exit and entrance is right next to the property boundary making it very accessible to their passengers. A good relationship should be forged with DFDS (the ferry company) to market the hotel in France and beyond. The outside facilities could be involved with specialist markets and auto displays for instance, and promote prestigious events both here and in France.
    It has the best river outlook which is a very unique factor which creates great interest for guests upon arriving,and enjoying passing their relaxing time on the already installed river landing and mooring platform. It is also away from the many heavy and noisy river operations both north and south of the bridge. The road traffic crossing the bridge does not seem to resonate as may be expected but could be tested by a decibel monitor.
    The building itself has an interesting history and benefits from very recent restoration so should not present any structural difficulties. Some exterior presentational improvements required of course and considerable internal design and vision to present a prominent identity fitting the location and purpose. Already the large ground floor new windows which extend vertically past the first floor give a good amount of natural light inside .The existing large glass doorways on the riverside, show clear vision right through the ground floor space giving a nice open plan opportunity. At the upper floor levels there are fewer windows but this could be overcome with an internal sub tropical garden style glass domed atrium design with accommodation rooms and windows facing inwards. There is a useful internal roadway running around the building and a large area adjacent,currently housing empty (council)waste bulk bins, which could easily provide adequate on-site hotel parking and easy access.
    There are specific Hotel Investment and Development Companies and Hotel Project Management Groups who could be approached. Some examples as Jansons Property.com, Stonehurst Estates.co.uk,Hotel Property.co.uk.,Hilton Group, Accor Hotel Development,Ibis Hotels, Mecure Hotel Group, etc..
    The famous Alex Polizzi (The Hotel Inspector) with family connections to the Forte Group, is currently redeveloping the renown Star Inn in Alfriston as a personal family investment.If she were encouraged in anyway to be involved,it would bring huge benefit,contacts and kudos.
    I believe this merits discussion and consideration. It presents a good solution to the future use of the building and location and provides an interesting, improving future image for Newhaven and the surrounding area.

  3. Love all the ideas for the UTC and riverfront. I thought the building could be converted like the riverside building in Lewes, but to provide display and workshops for local artists. With some live work units and a few cafes and restaurants. Newhaven doesn’t make the most of its location. Ferry passengers could spend a few hours there before embarking or after disembarking taking home a local souvenir or memento!

  4. As a port & harbour town it would be great to bring retail opporunities that differentiate Newhaven to make it a destination town. There are opportunities for both tourism & employment in this and we already have the units/space to accomodate within the centre and the UTC building.
    Newhaven is an easily accessible coastal town – increasing its passing footfall could bring both pride & prosperity

  5. Before it became UTC wasn’t there plans submitted to turn it into a a supermarket/hotel/restaurant/s. This would of made that side of the river an instant appeal to tourists arriving in the area, especially if thought had of gone into the design.

    The town centre itself needs a lot of change, without the shops/attractions no one uses it. I’m not sure an indoor market is enough to regenerate that area, but it could be a good start?

  6. Converting the old co op to an indoor market would be a start. There are a lot of local artists that could display there works for sale here, also maybe encouraging other small businesses into the town with rentable stalls. We have local artisinal businesses which tend to sell their wares in Lewes market,why not Newhaven?

    1. That’s a brilliant idea and quite close to the proposed use by LDC as part of the Future High Streets fund application

  7. Turn the utc building into affordable flats and create more affordable propert(£250,000 or below). A competitively priced supermarket (ie Iceland or Aldi). A nice family restaurant/play area, and all of the above have carpark space to attract visitors.

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